It’s Iris time ….

As a child, springtime was always a favorite of mine, as Mom’s tulips, daffodils and crocus’  would be popping their heads out of the ground.  What a beautiful sight it was to see all those gorgeous spring colors blended together.  Mom was always so proud of her spring flowers; the flowerbeds were just overflowing each spring with color.  I remember one specific time when the daffodils were in full bloom and we had a freak late snowstorm dropping a foot of heavy wet snow.  Mother hollered at us to help and ran outside to start cutting all the daffodil bloom stems.  We had vases filled to the brim with blooms throughout the house for days!  Much to our surprise, when we got up the next morning the snow was gone; those few blooms that were left behind in the flowerbeds, were just fine. 

Now here in Texas,  daffodils bloom but tulips will not come back and bloom year after year as they do up north, unless……you dig them up each fall and place the bulbs in the refrigerator.  Oh, we’ve tried several times and while the green leaves emerge, they simply will not re-bloom as our winter temperatures simply are not cold enough.  So, as I got older, that’s when I discovered Iris’; now they are my favorite spring flower.  In fact, I have a few that are re-bloomers, as they will bloom again in the fall!

So without further adieu, I give you my Texas Iris!  This was my first bloom…a single white bloom…

0315 019 

This next one has become one of my favorites – it’s one of my re-bloomers…






new 04262015 018



BTW…I’ve designed a pattern for an appliqued “Iris” wall hanging…but until it becomes a reality, these photos will just have to do.


And then there’s my red Easter Lilies…they were absolutely beautiful this year…




Now just in case you haven’t seen our state wildflower, please let me introduce the Texas Bluebonnet…

new 04262015 010

new 04262015 009


The Lord blessed us with some spring showers that helped these beautiful flowers blossom this year.  In fact, about 2-3 weeks ago, NBC nightly news featured our beautiful bluebonnets on a news segment.   Of course their pictures were just out of this world….That’s about it from the garden section this time.  Till next time……

A New Look…

After several attempts to resolve some of the issues I’ve have with my “” blog, I decided to change format of the blog.  For some reasons all of my pictures were being “doubled” on my photograph wall, which may not have bothered you but it bugged me to no end!  Plus I’d format my “post” a certain way, and once published, my formats disappeared.  Now some may say it was user error; hmmm…possibly, but needless to say I hope it’s corrected. 

So, if you are so inclined, stay tuned as I’ve been busy (both outside and in) and I’ll be sharing the results….

A New Home…

Several months ago, I started what I call a crazy quilt.  To many a “crazy quilt” is a patchwork quilt of pieces of cloth of various shapes, colors, and sizes, sewn together in an irregular pattern, but for me I defined it as a disorderly mixture!!  Overall though, it turned out ok and I’m happy with it.! 

This all started when my cousin asked me to make a quilt for her dear artist friend, one whom she’s known since college days and has helped her immensely.  When I agreed, my schedule was full and told her it would be awhile.  Turns out, that was an understatement!  My earlier post My Crazy Side shows the first attempt, which turned out nice but way too large!  So this post Quilting on Black shows the second quilt and my struggles of quilting on black for the first time  Ugh!!!. 

Now this is the finished product…and it’s been received and welcomed into a new home!



One day soon I’ll need to make a decision on whether or not to quilt the first “crazy” quilt….till next time…stay busy and enjoy each day.

Where to start…..

I’m sure many of you have thought I’ve either disappeared or fallen off the face of this ‘ole earth, but needless to say, I’m still here.  Yep, it’s been a month or so since I’ve shared but these past few weeks have been super busy.  Then there’s trying to work with this new “word press” system – ugh, not a  familiar critter to work with.   In fact I just realized a post that I’d written a couple of  weeks ago about “quilting on black”, for some strange reason, did not publish to the web.  So, will review and try to post it again.

To add to the mix, spring came along and anyone who gardens, whether it be flowers or veggies, knows that when spring comes, all other inside activities stop and it’s time to work outside.  Yes, I do love spring time and all the beautiful flowers, but around our house, the arrival of spring brings long days outside.  While I still have much to do, at least the garden is in and some of the flower beds are cleared of winter debris.  Considering our temps have already been in the mid 80’s, which is at least 10-15 degrees warmer than the norm, we know hot summer temps are soon to follow…. so gardens must be in early.

In between the outside chores, I’ve managed to finish a quilt and take a couple of classes.  One class, which I’m anxious to share, was making a “Lemoyne Star”; beautiful and yet oh so easy!  Then there’s a child’s backpack that I’ve designed and written an easy to follow pattern.   Yes, there’s a lot going on in the studio, so stay tuned my friends…be back shortly.

Quilting on black…

Is so much harder than I thought!  I’d always heard from my fellow quilters that quilting on black was hard and tiresome.  Now I’m a true believer…I’ve ripped more out on this quilt than I believe ever before.  Partly because I kept getting lost while quilting center part on quilt.  Also using Aurifil thread, which is a finer thread and harder to see.

 0315 027

0315 028

As you can see in the pic above I do have plenty of light….. but yet it seems like I still need more!!  Working on the flying geese now…lots more to do.

0315 018

The above quilt is the second quilt of my “crazy quilt” designs.  Maybe you remember my first one pictured below, which will be going to my long arm quilting friend. It’s larger than this picture as I added another solid “black border” around the entire quilt, (not included in this picture). 

022014 064

Finally, “Libby” is one of my sweet helpers…she’s loves to curl up by my machine, whether I’m piecing or quilting.  She’s really a momma’s girl!

0315 012

That’s all for now…from a COLD and ICY Texas……stay warm my friends…

There is Hope…

Today the Texas skies are filled with fog and a light steady rain is falling.  Another artic COLD front bringing more sleet/rain is bearing down on us, making this a perfect day for quilting.  The following segment was written a few weeks back while hubby was recuperating and somehow I forgot to post.  Today seems like the perfect day to share…..

“Recently during one of my quick outings to the store, I had an encounter; an encounter that yet today is all so fresh in the forefront of my mind.

Looking down at my list, I hurriedly pushed my cart through the store and before I knew it, I was at the end of a row.  It was then a young lady came walking quickly around the corner, almost bumping into my cart.  She spoke briefly, apologizing for the near mishap, as I did the same, and off we went our separate ways.  Yet, in that brief moment of contact, I saw it – the look of despair in her eyes.  While she displayed a brief smile, which I’m sure was brought about by our near collision, in that brief second the smile was gone and the look of loss and despair was ever so evident.

Quickly I resumed my shopping, brushing aside the brief encounter.  Yet, as I went through the store I found myself looking once again for this young lady, hoping that I might see her again.  In that brief moment, I had also noticed her appearance; her wrinkled clothing and how disheveled she appeared.  I thought to myself possibly if I saw her again I could help her.  Try as I might I never laid eyes on her again.  It was at this same time my mind quickly raced back to the early days of my childhood, times where our family was in need and near despair.  My my father was out of work and yes there were times we didn’t have food nor clothes for me to wear to school.  Yet through God’s grace, the love and help of church, friends and family, we made it through.

Driving home I kept replaying the incidence in my mind.   Deep down inside, I wished I’d handled that differently; wishing I taken the time to go after her and tell her “Miss, there is hope”.   A hope that can turn even the worst of days into better days and bring about positive results.  Just that one word of encouragement may have made a difference.  How do I know all this you ask?   For me, God is our “hope” and our refuge in times of trouble, always there when we need him.  So as you go thru your day, take time to smile at those you pass along the way, just your smile or a spoken kind word can make a difference in a person’s life.” 

Until next time, stay warm my friends….happy quilting!  

It’s big news ….

When snow comes to Central Texas!  Yesterday, our area received a big surprise…SNOW!  Central Texas usually receives a few flurries each winter, but for the last 2-3 years, nothing!  Then much to our surprise yesterday morning, the heavens blessed us with the white stuff!  Now I know my “northern Minnesota and Iowa” friends are wishing the white stuff would disappear from their area, but for us Texans, this was a big day.  In fact, today’s newspaper had “snow” pictures of all kinds. 

So without further delay, I’ll share a couple of my snow pictures…



In the photo above, my windmill was toppled on Sunday when we had winds of 40mph plus! 



Then within an hour or two, our beautiful snow was all gone…



So now we wait..forecast for this weekend says our chances of seeing more of the white stuff is 40-50%!  Who knows, we just might get lucky again…