A 2nd top done…

After working for past 3 days on and off, the 2nd deer quilt is finally pieced together.  Now both tops are ready
To be quilted


Wanting this top to be different than the first one, I believe it was a success.  Surprisingly the quilt tops are about same size…55×60.  I say that because I used scraps and just designed it as I went.  Now in case you missed the first one….here it is again…do you have a favorite????


Both tops will be quilted and sent off to new homes….more to come soon.

Ready to quilt

The final borders are on and it’s ready to quilt.  I must say, I am very happy with the outcome.  Love the half-square triangles, as they frame the center well. The only really size is approx 60″ square. The flannel backing is washed and in the dryer,  so later today it’s “sandwiching” time.  Then the quilting process will begin…once finished, I’ll bind the quilt with the dark chocolate brown fabric.


Meanwhile, I’ve started on quilt #2…or should I say #5. This one will also be for a dear friend who is facing surgery later this month after several rounds of both chemo and radiation.  Guess that’s why the good Lord gave me an extra panel!  When i ordered the first one last year, (above) the lady accidentally sent me two.  After contacting her, she simply said “keep it and use it for someone”.  Little did she, or I for that matter, know what lie ahead.

Since this is my 5th quilt using this panel, it’s my hope it will be my last.  Don’t get me wrong, panels can make beautiful quilts…but I’m ready for a change.  My hubby has the original, then our oldest grandson, a cousin, and now these last two.  Have a great weekend as I’m off to quilt.

A Sunday Sew-in…

Started a new quilt over the weekend. ..this one is in rush mode as it needs to be finished and in the mail to Colorado this next month.  Have a distant family member who will be starting both chemo and radiation (at same time) sometime soon, and hope this will provide some comfort.


More to come later this week……

Last Blooms of Summer…

All across the northern part of our great USA, fall has begun to make its appearance.   Here in our part of the world, it’s still a tad warm.   Yes,  we had a couple of cooler days a week or so ago, but that’s long gone and our temps quickly are back into the upper 90’s.   Knowing that fall will eventually come, I quickly snapped a few photos of what surely must be some of the last blooms of summer…enjoy.

Morning Glories09192015 153




Tiger Lilliestiger lillies

The name has escaped me!sweet

Bougainvilleas DSC_0183


Double BougainvilleaDSC_0181

Black-eyed SusanDSC_0190



Passion Flower


Double Petunia



Mexican Petunia

DSC_0197     DSC_0209



Crepe Myrtle


That’s about it for now…check back soon as the sewing machine has been humming away these past few days….baby blankets and a gift quilt are on the table…more soon!

Making A Shop Sample…

Have you ever had an idea that at the time seemed like a great idea, but the further you got into it, you found yourself wondering “what have I gotten myself into”?  Yep, … that’s exactly what happened to me! 

The month of July was pretty much a non sewing time for me, with visiting grandchildren and a granddog, and then a migraine that wouldn’t leave and ultimately sent me to the ER.  Finally, by mid August I was beginning to feel better so thought it was time to get back to sewing again.  About that same time, Deb, the local quilt shop owner, was looking for volunteers to make samples for the shop.  All fabrics and patterns would be furnished and once all the kits were sold, the sample would be returned.  I casually looked at the samples and most of them were small; just the perfect size to sew quickly…or so I thought!  So I said yes, and then she gave me mine…much to  my surprise, my sample was a “queen” size quilt top!  What was I thinking!

Once home, I laid the fabric out and noticed there were all types of patterns and colors mixed together, but no tone on tone fabric to break up those patterns.  Hmm, that’s a lot of different patterns….not my cup of tea….but, since this was the fabric I was given, I started cutting.   

09192015 239

One by one the blocks and the rows were sewn together and I was ready for the outside border.  Again to my dismay, there was not sufficient border fabric.  On top of that, the fabric’ was directional with designs scattered throughout, making it next to impossible to match the seams.  09192015 247 - Copy

I  needed two 72” strips for the side borders and only had 65” length of fabric.  Ugh…now what to do…  So back to the shop I went and you’ll never guess what I found out… all border fabric had been used in kits and was cut according to the requirements shown on the pattern.  Unfortunately…no-one thought about the fabric being directional.   So right then and there  I knew any change I made would need to be easy so those individuals who purchased the kits could replicate the change.      

After several considerations I settled on the only fix I thought would complete the quilt without distracting from the border fabric.

                20150823_172441_resized shop qlt

I added purple corner stones with smaller purple center stones in each border.  Wha-la…..much to my surprise, the borders looked better than I anticipated.  However, the jury is still out on the remaining quilt fabrics.


(Sorry for the picture quality, but due to the size of the quilt, it was hard finding a place big enough to hang it up.)

Granddaughters and pillow cases…

After careful planning, the time for the granddaughter’s visit finally arrived.  Both Papa and I were looking forward to spending some quality time with the girls and the girls, well, they were looking forward to a vacation from Mom & Dad!  If you have grandchildren, you know exactly what I mean.  We no more than got a mile or so down the road after leaving Mom and the questions started.  The younger of the two, Addie, age 7, wanted to know what we were going to do for the next week and when and where!  Thankfully we had plenty of answers.   We went shopping for school clothes, played basketball, and swam a couple of times in the creek, which is spring fed and the water is clear and COLD like a mountain stream!  Considering the temperature during the day was 100+, that cold water sure felt good.

Since both of the girls wanted to sew,  I knew it had to be something easy and quick…..a pillowcase….yep that was exactly what we’d do.   For fabric, I let the girls  shop in “Granny’s Quilt Closet” and was so glad I did!!  What fun to watch them going through the fabrics.   Brianna, the 11-year old,  had been looking forward to sewing, so she made her pillowcase first.   She had a little problem keeping the fabric going straight as it went under the needle, but finally she got the hang of it.    I thought she did real good for a 11 year old that hadn’t sewn before.  Here’s the finished product…both her and I were very proud of her accomplishment.


Now when it was time for Addie to sew, she decided she’d rather play a game with Papa!  So Brianna and Granny did it for her….she was so pleased with the results.


When we weren’t sewing, swimming or playing basketball, we were drawing “chalk art”.



Then just like that, it was time for all the fun to end.  With the start of school fast  approaching,  it was time to get those last few fun excursions done with Mom and Dad.  Both Papa and I enjoyed their visit but I must say we were ready for a long summer nap! 

As promised…Placemats

Several weeks ago, our quilting bee made some placemats as a wedding gift for our favorite waitress at a local cafe.  Having no idea of her “colors”, etc., we choose a light center fabric, along with a couple coordinating border fabrics,  resulting in a fresh-springy table mat!

2015-04-21_12-20-02_283 (1)   2015-04-21_12-20-02_283 (2)


Next came the pattern, which proved to be an easy selection…real easy!  Take a 14” square, fold in half on the diagonal…(see below) 

2015-04-20_09-39-14_972 (2)               



Then fold in half again…


And…fold in half one more time.



Next lay a tape measure alongside the edge with a single fold (see below) and it should measure 7”.




Now take the tape measure and lay along outside edge with multiple folds…mark 7” with a pin…



Using a straightedge, lay it from the straight pin back down to the first corner….



Now take your rotary cutter and cut off excess…making sure to cut off “raw” edges – not “folded” edges.



Now taking one edge, unfold the fabric and you should have a octagon…



Finally you’re ready to border the top..the first inner border can be any size you want, but I prefer a 1-1/2” cut WOF (width of fabric).   Lay right sides together and sew, using 1/4” seam allowance.  Trim off excess strip, cutting it even with next cut edge.  Sew strips to every other side.  After sewing on four strips, open seam and press toward border strips.  Next attach the remaining four strips to remaining four sides of the octagon.  Trim excess and press.

For outside border, repeat same steps as noted above.   Again, a 2-1/2” cut WOF is recommended.  After pressing , your top should resemble this:

2015-05-24_20-28-13_99 (2)

To finish table mat, use the pillowcase method.  Select a piece of backing fabric, slightly larger than top and place right sides together; then place a piece of batting, again slightly larger than top on bottom side of backing. Your stack should be in this order…table mat top, WRONG SIDE facing up, then backing, RIGHT SIDES together and finally batting.  Pin layers and stitch outside edges together, leaving one edge open for turning.   Turn and press, stitching open end closed.  Topstitch 1/4-1/2” from edge of outside border.  Your finished table mat should resemble this:

2015-06102015 014


These table mats are so quick and simple to make, I hope you’ll try making one or more….till next time – happy sewing.