Off to a new home…

In September-October 2015, I decided to make some quilts for both family and friends that were experiencing some health issues.  You can read about them in this post.  Then in late December, I finally got the last quilt quilted, so thought I’d share with you.

It started like this…

third deer quilt

This is what it looked like after quilting….(since my “quilt holder” has been out of commission, I had to improvise and take picture in segments…so sorry).


When I started thinking of quilting this one, I thought I would do an overall pattern ; then I “listened” to the quilt and so glad I did!  Each section/border is quilted differently and it just seemed to bring the quilt to life.



So that’s it for the deer quilts; this was #5 and I really don’t care to do another one any time soon.  Even though Hubby is keeping me busy these days, my mind is planning…so stay tuned….


2 thoughts on “Off to a new home…

  1. Melanie McNeil

    I like this quilt SO much. And yes, using different quilting patterns in different sections really made it special. I’ve done a couple like that and been really glad, and in others I know it would be a lot of effort for not much gain. On this, though, YAY!

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Thanks Melanie for your compliments as I really try to make my quilts a bit different. My quilting is coming along, still have a long ways to go so I just keep practicing.


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