My cup runneth over….

As you may have read in my previous post, we’ve had some trying times already this year.  We found out in December that hubby needed some major surgery the first of the year.  His progress was remarkable and he was cleared to begin walking and performing some light exercises on his recumbent bike.  Then on January 29, after a quick haircut, we decided to stop by an eatery for a bite to eat.  As the saying goes, that’s when it all went south!  As we walked into the eatery I took a few steps and then I heard and felt it at the same time…hubby had hit the floor HARD, so hard it knocked him out.   Almost immediately a lady came to help, stating she was an RN at a local hospital…to me she was an angel in disguise!

As we worked to stabilized my hubby and he was beginning to come around, I remember hearing the nurse utter “wet floors and canes don’t mix”.  I then turned to see the floor behind us had been recently mopped.   My mind began to race as I had not seen any signs when we walked in…as I looked around, the “watch wet floor” signs were on either side of the main walkway, mixed in with the tables and chairs…not the place they should have been.  Oh my…he had slipped on the wet floor.

Shortly there after the ambulance arrived, he was loaded up and gone in minutes.   After arriving at the hospital, he was immediately taken to the trauma bay with countless staff hovering over him.  Since he was a coumadin patient, multiple CT scans were ordered to ensure he had no hemorrhaging.  Luckily the CT scans were clear but…he had 4 broken ribs a broken collarbone, and a traumatic head injury, all on the right side.  So of course he had to spend night.

Later that night a chest x-ray showed he needed to have a chest tube inserted as his right lung had been injured from the fall and air was building in his chest.  So off to ICU we went.   Then on Sunday our luck went from bad to worse; he developed a “coumadin” brain bleed.  His speech was garbled, slurred, the whole nine yards, and he couldn’t keep anything down.  At this point I must admit my faith started to wean a bit;  I couldn’t help but ask God why all this was happening.  At that point all I could do was pray and put him in God’s hands….the next day his speech began to clear and as the days passed his brain seem to be coming back to normal.

We came home  Friday, 2/5/2016; home health has started, along with physical therapy.  While the path to getting better may be long, I know once again, with God’s help we will make it.  

Until then…my sewing will just have to wait but I know I’ll be back at it soon…… 


8 thoughts on “My cup runneth over….

  1. TextileRanger

    Hang in there! I hope that now you are home and have some home health care, you will be able to take a few minutes for yourself and at least catch your breath and rebuild a little of your own strength.


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