Well, I’m working my way back…

When I composed my last post on April 7, 2016, little did I know what lie ahead…hubby had just had surgery and was mending well, and together we hoped the remainder of the year would be smooth sailing.  For a couple of months it was…

On June 24th that all changed; walking out of a business my foot slipped and as my friend reached out to stabilize me, my right upper arm broke.  The next two weeks were somewhat a blur;  as soon as I’d see one doctor, I would be referred to another.  Each saying the same; the x-rays were showing something in the bone where the break occurred. Finally, I was referred to a bone & joint oncologist who said a biopsy was necessary.  The results were far from what hubby and I anticipated; a tumor and a rare type of cancer at that.   In an effort to save the arm, chemo was recommended as radiation was not an option.

The first type of chemo was so strong that it had to be given in hospital under close supervision.  Of course, I had a reaction and the chemo was stopped about 3/4 of the way through.  I went home and before I knew it, I was back in the hospital with more side effects that required another weeks stay.  The next chemo was much easier; however, the results were disappointing.  Before I was told, I knew from the pain and swelling that the tumor had started to grow again.  So back to the surgeon I went.  After a review of the tests, he gave me my one and only option…amputation of the right arm.  That was the only way to hopefully stop the spread of the cancer.  For several weeks I had agonized over making the decision; this time was different as I had peace in my heart and mind and knew whatever happened, God was with me.

On October 4, 2016, the surgery took place.  Since then I’ve been recuperating and thinking of getting that sewing machine going again.   With a heavy heart I made the decision to sell my mid-arm quilt machine.  Quilting larger quilts was a thing of the past.  After that sold, my Baby Lock Sewing/Embroidery machine was next.  Working one-handed with the embroidery frames was not my cup of tea!  In their place, I purchased a new sewing machine, one with the longer arm.  That way hopefully I could quilt some smaller quilt projects.  As you can tell, I am determined to quilt again!



14 thoughts on “Well, I’m working my way back…

  1. TextileRanger

    Oh my goodness! I have thought of you often, but I thought you must be busy with your husband’s health and healing. It never occurred to me that you might be having health problems of your own! Life has so many ways of shaking us to our roots. It’s good to see you back here!

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      I’m really doing good. Still taking treatments but feel good. Never know what life is going to throw at us but know God will help see us through it.

  2. Judy

    I am sorry that you have had health problems. I am glad you are going to keep sewing. Keep moving forward and God bless.

  3. Melanie McNeil

    What a difficult year it’s been for you! I hope the amputation also means a cure for you, with no further cancer worries. I’m wishing the best for you as you adjust to your new world.

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Unfortunately I still have a couple areas where it has metatized and I’m currently taking treatments. I have put my trust in the Lord and know it’s going to be ok. Feeling good and ready to sew.

  4. stitchinstein

    Oh dear! So sorry to hear of all the health issues, but glad you are now in a place of healing. We are cheering you on! It sounds like you are now on your way to getting back to the things you love. Hugs!

  5. pattisj

    I’m so glad to see you back, though I’m really sorry you’ve had to go through all that! The Peace of God is an amazing thing. I hope your new machine allows you to do what you love.

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Thanks Patti, although I’m still on chemo I’m feeling so much better. If it hadn’t been for God, I’m not sure where I’d be. I’m now trying to see what I type of attachment i can get for my camera so I can use it with my left hand.

      1. pattisj

        I’m sure that does present challenges, I hope you can find something to help with photography. There are new, small tripods on the market that might be worth looking into.

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