Two Down, One More To GO…

Whew…it’s been a bit busy here, working on three quilts at one time…that’s enough to drive anyone a little bonkers.  In a past post here, I showed a picture of the deer top that was ready to quilt.  Here’s a few pictures of that quilt after it was washed and dried, making it soft and fluffy.  This quilt is now keeping it’s new owner warm and cozy in the COLD Colorado weather.






Here’s a few pictures of the back..

quilt back   quilt back2

quilt back3

I apologize for picture quality/color as it was a soft brown checked flannel…but at least you can see the stitching.  Sure hoping Santa brings me a new camera!

This next picture is of a baby quilt that I did for my niece who is waiting patiently for her baby boy to be born! ‘

baby quilt3

Well, that’s about it from this end.  So hoping to have the second deer quilt finished later this week.  You can read about it in my post here…till next time, happy Christmas shopping!!


3 thoughts on “Two Down, One More To GO…

  1. Minnesota Prairie Roots

    I love the colors and design of the deer quilt border.

    Question: Could someone like me who stitched together two baby quilts decades ago, easily make that baby quilt? My first grandbaby is due in April and I really feel like I need to make a quilt. The earlier quilts I crafted featured embroidered rectangles with strips of yellow gingham joining them. But I don’t know if I have the time or interest to do an embroidered quilt. Plus, I would need to find a pattern. Any suggestions? Just email me directly. I would be most appreciative.


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