Ready to quilt

The final borders are on and it’s ready to quilt.  I must say, I am very happy with the outcome.  Love the half-square triangles, as they frame the center well. The only really size is approx 60″ square. The flannel backing is washed and in the dryer,  so later today it’s “sandwiching” time.  Then the quilting process will begin…once finished, I’ll bind the quilt with the dark chocolate brown fabric.


Meanwhile, I’ve started on quilt #2…or should I say #5. This one will also be for a dear friend who is facing surgery later this month after several rounds of both chemo and radiation.  Guess that’s why the good Lord gave me an extra panel!  When i ordered the first one last year, (above) the lady accidentally sent me two.  After contacting her, she simply said “keep it and use it for someone”.  Little did she, or I for that matter, know what lie ahead.

Since this is my 5th quilt using this panel, it’s my hope it will be my last.  Don’t get me wrong, panels can make beautiful quilts…but I’m ready for a change.  My hubby has the original, then our oldest grandson, a cousin, and now these last two.  Have a great weekend as I’m off to quilt.


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