Back in the saddle….when??

For the past 18 months my sewing and quilting enthusiasm has continued to eluded me. Given the fact I used to sew 1-2 hours a day and now nothing, that can surely cause a person to be concerned.  Yes, I’ve had to make some major changes these last few months, as I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts, but by now one would think my enthusiasm would have returned.  I’ve even visited a few quilt shops from time to time, looking and feeling the fabrics, thinking surely that would invigorate me.  It did get me to thinking about working on some UFO’s (unfinished projects) but for whatever reason, I just couldn’t find that jump start. Then in September I went on a shop hop and found my inspiration; for the first time in many months I actually wanted to sew. Before the feeling disappeared, I quickly purchased the pattern and accompanying fabric!  In my mind I thought yes, I’m back …. !

Now to the present – it’s the end of the year and I have yet to sew. Every day I walk by my studio door, look in and say “soon, real soon I’ll start sewing”. Sometimes I’ll take a few minutes to go in and straighten things up a bit, but then quickly leave. So … somehow between now and the end of year it’s going to happen, as I plan to bite the “needle” and sew! Yes, that’s my plan and I’m sticking to it! Wish me luck and I’d better get going as there’s only three days left in the year!!

Happy New Years to all and may you and yours be blessed with the best in the new year!

“There is nothing in your life that God and you cannot handle together – If you get out of the way and let Him be in control, He can turn your troubles Into blessings, and then He can use those blessings to add depth to your Spirit so that your praise for him is even more fervent and joyous and Your life is an inspiration to others”. (author unknown)


4 thoughts on “Back in the saddle….when??

  1. Judy

    It is so good to see your post today. I think you will start sewing again, it just takes time. You have been through a lot. Happy and healthy New Year to you.

  2. TextileRanger

    I am glad to see you back posting too. Maybe you can ease into it sideways — play around with fabric design on Spoonflower or just pin some pictures on Pinterest, until you see some idea that you just can’t resist. But just take your time.

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Thanks and I am glad to be back. I have a couple of ideas working in my mind but do plan to ease into things slowly. Still working with doctors at MD so taking it day by day. Thanks for keeping up with me…


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