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Well, I’m working my way back…

When I composed my last post on April 7, 2016, little did I know what lie ahead…hubby had just had surgery and was mending well, and together we hoped the remainder of the year would be smooth sailing.  For a couple of months it was…

On June 24th that all changed; walking out of a business my foot slipped and as my friend reached out to stabilize me, my right upper arm broke.  The next two weeks were somewhat a blur;  as soon as I’d see one doctor, I would be referred to another.  Each saying the same; the x-rays were showing something in the bone where the break occurred. Finally, I was referred to a bone & joint oncologist who said a biopsy was necessary.  The results were far from what hubby and I anticipated; a tumor and a rare type of cancer at that.   In an effort to save the arm, chemo was recommended as radiation was not an option.

The first type of chemo was so strong that it had to be given in hospital under close supervision.  Of course, I had a reaction and the chemo was stopped about 3/4 of the way through.  I went home and before I knew it, I was back in the hospital with more side effects that required another weeks stay.  The next chemo was much easier; however, the results were disappointing.  Before I was told, I knew from the pain and swelling that the tumor had started to grow again.  So back to the surgeon I went.  After a review of the tests, he gave me my one and only option…amputation of the right arm.  That was the only way to hopefully stop the spread of the cancer.  For several weeks I had agonized over making the decision; this time was different as I had peace in my heart and mind and knew whatever happened, God was with me.

On October 4, 2016, the surgery took place.  Since then I’ve been recuperating and thinking of getting that sewing machine going again.   With a heavy heart I made the decision to sell my mid-arm quilt machine.  Quilting larger quilts was a thing of the past.  After that sold, my Baby Lock Sewing/Embroidery machine was next.  Working one-handed with the embroidery frames was not my cup of tea!  In their place, I purchased a new sewing machine, one with the longer arm.  That way hopefully I could quilt some smaller quilt projects.  As you can tell, I am determined to quilt again!



My cup runneth over….

As you may have read in my previous post, we’ve had some trying times already this year.  We found out in December that hubby needed some major surgery the first of the year.  His progress was remarkable and he was cleared to begin walking and performing some light exercises on his recumbent bike.  Then on January 29, after a quick haircut, we decided to stop by an eatery for a bite to eat.  As the saying goes, that’s when it all went south!  As we walked into the eatery I took a few steps and then I heard and felt it at the same time…hubby had hit the floor HARD, so hard it knocked him out.   Almost immediately a lady came to help, stating she was an RN at a local hospital…to me she was an angel in disguise!

As we worked to stabilized my hubby and he was beginning to come around, I remember hearing the nurse utter “wet floors and canes don’t mix”.  I then turned to see the floor behind us had been recently mopped.   My mind began to race as I had not seen any signs when we walked in…as I looked around, the “watch wet floor” signs were on either side of the main walkway, mixed in with the tables and chairs…not the place they should have been.  Oh my…he had slipped on the wet floor.

Shortly there after the ambulance arrived, he was loaded up and gone in minutes.   After arriving at the hospital, he was immediately taken to the trauma bay with countless staff hovering over him.  Since he was a coumadin patient, multiple CT scans were ordered to ensure he had no hemorrhaging.  Luckily the CT scans were clear but…he had 4 broken ribs a broken collarbone, and a traumatic head injury, all on the right side.  So of course he had to spend night.

Later that night a chest x-ray showed he needed to have a chest tube inserted as his right lung had been injured from the fall and air was building in his chest.  So off to ICU we went.   Then on Sunday our luck went from bad to worse; he developed a “coumadin” brain bleed.  His speech was garbled, slurred, the whole nine yards, and he couldn’t keep anything down.  At this point I must admit my faith started to wean a bit;  I couldn’t help but ask God why all this was happening.  At that point all I could do was pray and put him in God’s hands….the next day his speech began to clear and as the days passed his brain seem to be coming back to normal.

We came home  Friday, 2/5/2016; home health has started, along with physical therapy.  While the path to getting better may be long, I know once again, with God’s help we will make it.  

Until then…my sewing will just have to wait but I know I’ll be back at it soon…… 


I sing because I’m free, For his eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches over me”;  this is one of my all time favorite hymns.  As a child I grew up listening to the golden voice of George Beverly Shea.  His voice would resonate through the air as he sang this song.  Today my heart sang this song as finally, we received some good news.

Guess by now many of you may think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth.  Truth of the matter is we had a major “life issue” occur; one that scared both hubby and I to the core.  Hubby developed some health symptoms right after Thanksgiving that required immediate attention.  Luckily we got right in to see our family doctor and then the tests began.  Almost immediately, he was diagnosed with colon “cancer”….yes, that six letter word that sends shivers down your spine all the while knocking you off your feet.  You find yourself saying, “no, this is not happening to us, it’s not supposed to happen to us, we eat right, try to take care of ourselves…this is just not supposed to be happening”.  Before I had much time to react, I realized I had to get a grip and keep it together, I had to support my hubby.  Immediately I started praying, asking God to guide us as we went down this path and somehow give us a miracle.  I didn’t know how, but I knew God would  honor my prayer…I just felt it deep down inside.                                                                     

As we progressed through the myriad of tests, (CT scans, lung biopsy, etc) we found ourselves wondering if this nightmare would ever end.  The days and weeks before Christmas just passed as a blur.  Finally, after conferring with the surgeon, a surgery date was set for early January.  Once the surgery was done, the surgeon came out to tell me the results.   During our conversation I questioned what she thought the “stage” of the tumor might be… she indicated from her initial sight and feel of the tumor she felt it was a “stage III”.  Immediately my heart sank as I’d been praying for a Stage II.  If you know anything about cancer, there’s a lot of difference between stages and whether additional treatment is needed…it’s all determined by the stages and “T” count, which relates to whether there’s lymph nodes involved.  Stage III was definitely a big letdown…still I clung to my faith and put my trust in the Lord. 

On Friday of last week, 1/15/16, during a quick doctor visit, we were informed of the pathology results…the tumor was completely removed, all margins were clear, and….the official stage was STAGE II, with 11 negative lymph nodes.  Immediately I told hubby we got our miracle!  The nurse concurred and indicated hubby was a very lucky man.  So… today I sing because I’m happy … God definitely answered our prayer.  I encourage anyone who reads this today to put their faith and trust in our God as he’s there’s to save and help all of us.

My sewing and quilting machines have been quiet for many, many weeks, but I’m edging back into my studio…stay tuned…I’ll be back soon!