About Gayle

After working for 32 plus years, I retired from my full time job and within a couple of years I found myself working part-time in a quilt shop. For someone that had not been seriously quilting but wanted to, this was like a kid being let loose in a candy store. And that my friend is when my quilting journey began.

As far back as i can remember, I’ve always sewn; as a child using yarn and a cardboard design, making potholders, or sewing scraps of fabric together. Guess you could say I got my first taste of sewing from both my Grandmother and my Aunt, as I would spend endless hours watching them sew. It wasn’t until later in life that I, along with a group of ladies at work, decided to learn to quilt during lunch breaks. Since that time my quilting has grown as I strive to learn new things and expand my knowledge.

When I’m not quilting or sewing, I can usually be found in the garden, tending to both my flowers and veggies. As I marvel at God’s handiwork and all the colors and textures in the garden, I strive to blend these beautiful bits of nature into my quilting.


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