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An Amazing Idea

September 2015 found both hubby and I eagerly wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  While we knew we were taking a long RV trip later in the fall, we decided to hop in the motorhome and head for Kerrville, Tx, one of our favorite go-to spots in the Texas Hill country.

Once in Kerrville, we took a couple side trips; one day we went to Comfort, Tx,.  Tucked away in this small town is the neatest knitting and needlepoint shop called  the “Tinsmith’s Wife Shop”.   You can read more about this quaint shop here.  If you love to needlepoint, cross stitch or knit, then may I suggest you plan a trip to Comfort, Texas.

On our last day in Kerrville, we stumbled upon an amazing new “sculpture park”, just on the north side of Kerrville, at the junction of I10 and Hwy 16.  It’s called “The Coming King Sculpture Park”.  As we started to drive into the park, our eyes gazed upward.  There on the side of the hill stood this enormous cross.  Investigating further, we learned the cross was created by The Coming King Foundation (TCKF) founder, artist and evangelist, Max Greiner, Jr.  This seven story cross called “The Empty Cross”, was erected on July 27, 2010, it is 77’7” tall; the cross arm is 40’ across and the center space is 7’ wide.  The carbon and cor-ten steel cross weight approximately 70 tons and is anchored in solid rock. 

Kerrville 092015 041

Below the cross, inside the concrete foundation, is a Bible which was anointed with water, soil, and oil from Israel.  The cross is located at the same latitude as Israel, and is approximately halfway between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on IH-10.  This cross symbolizes the Door, the Way, the Narrow Gate, the Strong Tower and Mighty Fortress that allows the Light of the World, Jesus Christ , to shine from Heaven to earth.

In the above picture, looking at the bottom left corner of the picture, you’ll see an individual sitting in the chair.  Comparing the man’s size to the cross, one can fully understand the enormous size of the “Empty Cross”.   As we stood in awe of this enormous cross, one just felt a bit closer to God, as you could feel his presence everywhere.  It was an awesome experience.

Kerrville 092015 044

Kerrville 092015 053

At the base inside the cross, there are many plaques and posters, describing the vision for the park and many testimonies from individuals who have been touched by visiting the cross/park. 

Shown below is Christ the Fisherman, one of the many bronze sculptures, that have been created and donated to the park by a sculptor….

Kerrville 092015 036

The returning Christ…riding on a white horse with the ram’s horn and sword.

Kerrville 092015 038

Near each sculpture is a brass plaque, providing scripture of the event…

Kerrville 092015 039

Kerrville 092015 040

If you’ll look closely behind the sculpture, in between Christ’s legs, you’ll see some dark squares.  These are scriptures that are placed on bronze plaque/squares and then cemented into the rock path.  In each walkway scripture stones are placed approximately 10-12’ apart. 

There’s also a prayer garden where visitors have penned their prayer requests penned onto the rocks and stones.  This trail of rocks continues for approximately 600’, winding around the hillside.  Every rock represented someone’s prayer request; the feelings of hope and faith could be felt as we walked around this 600’ trail of rocks.   

Kerrville 092015 046

Kerrville 092015 047

Kerrville 092015 059

Kerrville 092015 060

Kerrville 092015 062

Kerrville 092015 061

The nails…

Kerrville 092015 066

Kerrville 092015 065

Kerrville 092015 067

Kerrville 092015 068Kerrville 092015 070

Worldwide attention will soon be focused on Kerrville when Dr. Pat Robertson’s “700 CLUB” broadcasts a special feature on the spiritual art park, via the CHRISTIAN BROADCASTING NETWORK.  The program is scheduled to air around the world during EASTER 2016.

This free art park is located in Kerrville, TX just one hour northwest of San Antonio.  If you’d like to know more about this amazing place, please visit