Jalapeños. …

Today we made a trip to south Austin to have the hitch for the motorhome fixed, which for us is about 150 miles round trip.  This is a shop that we’ve done business with for years and they do impeccable work.  Anyways,  the shop manager said “go have lunch, come back and it’ll be ready.  So off we went to our favorite pizza place for lunch…”The Brick Oven”. 

When the waiter placed our pizza on the table, immediately I saw the jalapeños and couldn’t help but remember my recent conversation with Audrey Kletscher Helbling of Minnesota Prairie Roots.  Why just last week she and I  were discussing jalapeños and how it’s a southern thing!  So Audrey, this one is for you… a pizza with jalapeños. ..yes, it was delicious!


Yummy, yummy!  Off to finish a quilt…till next time….


3 thoughts on “Jalapeños. …

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      To be honest, when I placed our order, it was for our “usual” pizza. Little did I know they had added jalapeños. While I’m not one to talk of food on my blog that ofen, I immediately thought if you. Lol. It was delicious.


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