Childhood memories…

We all have them, they are forever embedded in our memory…our childhood memories.   As a pre-teen back in the early ’60’s, I can remember Mom buying me a potholder kit at the big Sears & Roebuck store in downtown Cleveland,  Ohio.  At the time I was so excited about learning something new and soon decided to sell my potholders to the neighbors. 

All summer long I’d take my samples, along with my patterns, and go door to door, taking orders for potholders.  Now mind you I would make and sell my potholders for $0.25 each.  What a bargain!  Believe me, I was in hog heaven, making and selling potholders. 

Fast forward to 2015…while on a recent RV trip to Kerrville, Texas, we took a drive and passed through the small town of Comfort, Tx,.  Tucked away in this small town is the neatest knitting and needlepoint shop called  the “Tinsmith’s Wife Shop”.  This shop has every type of knitting yarn, needlepoint canvas’ and yarn, and cross stitch materials that one could want.  Each room, yes there were many, we’re packed with all sorts of goodies.


As I browsed the shop, something caught my eye..oh my, there it was, bags and bags of 100% cotton potholder loops!  My mind immediately raced back to those childhood memories, so I bought a couple of bags…


Once home, I found my old loom from Sears, (yes I still had it) and thought..hmm… I’ll put this out in the RV for use on a rainy day….  Now it’s raining and I’m stuck inside the RV…..



Childhood memories…..aren’t they grand!  Till next happy quilting, crafting, etc.


4 thoughts on “Childhood memories…

  1. Minnesota Prairie Roots

    I am simply giddy reading this post because I had the exact same potholder making loom as a child. Except I never sold my potholders. I gave them as birthday gifts to aunts and others.

    When I had daughters of my own, I got a loom for them. I think mine broke. So, they, too, made potholders, which I still use as coasters. I find they are really too small for potholders.

    I love the designs of the ones you made. What sweet memories you’ve resurrected for me today. Thank you!

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Well I’m glad someone else made potholders too, and so happy to bring back such great memories. My loom is a “metal” loom; possibly that’s why it’s later so long. In fact one of the prongs is bent slightly outward and I tried to push it back and couldn’t. So had to use a pair of pliers…guess that says a lot for our metal works back then as it was “made in USA”. Just remember we are never too old to re-live some of our childhood memories.

  2. Thread crazy Post author

    Yes hubby couldn’t believe I still had it. Plus I have a couple of hot pads that were made over 40 years ago, still in use! My loom is 7″ square and pot holders when finished are 6″ square. So it makes a good average size.


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