A Sunday Sew-in…

Started a new quilt over the weekend. ..this one is in rush mode as it needs to be finished and in the mail to Colorado this next month.  Have a distant family member who will be starting both chemo and radiation (at same time) sometime soon, and hope this will provide some comfort.


More to come later this week……


7 thoughts on “A Sunday Sew-in…

  1. Thread crazy Post author

    I pray it does bring him some comfort. I wanted it to be large enough to take with him to treatments, as it’s usually a bit cooler in the rooms. Hoping to have top completely together by tomorrow evening.

  2. Melanie McNeil

    Yes, I know every stitch includes your love and concern. Certainly it will be a comfort. I do like the colors/values of the side triangles. They will be a good highlight for the center.

  3. Thread crazy Post author

    Thanks I sketched out a drawing of how I wanted I t to look and included the triangles. I was attempting to use up all my material I had from that line (which I still have) but too much activity in fabric. So resorted to my stash. I’m hoping the triangles will set the center off…..


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