Last Blooms of Summer…

All across the northern part of our great USA, fall has begun to make its appearance.   Here in our part of the world, it’s still a tad warm.   Yes,  we had a couple of cooler days a week or so ago, but that’s long gone and our temps quickly are back into the upper 90’s.   Knowing that fall will eventually come, I quickly snapped a few photos of what surely must be some of the last blooms of summer…enjoy.

Morning Glories09192015 153




Tiger Lilliestiger lillies

The name has escaped me!sweet

Bougainvilleas DSC_0183


Double BougainvilleaDSC_0181

Black-eyed SusanDSC_0190



Passion Flower


Double Petunia



Mexican Petunia

DSC_0197     DSC_0209



Crepe Myrtle


That’s about it for now…check back soon as the sewing machine has been humming away these past few days….baby blankets and a gift quilt are on the table…more soon!


4 thoughts on “Last Blooms of Summer…

  1. Thread crazy Post author

    Thanks…I do love my flowers. Not sure about growing passion vine that far north, but you could always grow it in a large pot n then cut back in fall and take insidea garage, barn, etc. I do that with my bougainvilleason n keep them in garage for 4 months, then bring out in March/April. Of course our winter temps stay around 25-30. When it does get cold, i have a small heater that i turn on. Another idea is to place plant in larger black pot, place in ground, then in fall, pull pot up n keep inside. Main thing is not to let roots freeze.


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