Making A Shop Sample…

Have you ever had an idea that at the time seemed like a great idea, but the further you got into it, you found yourself wondering “what have I gotten myself into”?  Yep, … that’s exactly what happened to me! 

The month of July was pretty much a non sewing time for me, with visiting grandchildren and a granddog, and then a migraine that wouldn’t leave and ultimately sent me to the ER.  Finally, by mid August I was beginning to feel better so thought it was time to get back to sewing again.  About that same time, Deb, the local quilt shop owner, was looking for volunteers to make samples for the shop.  All fabrics and patterns would be furnished and once all the kits were sold, the sample would be returned.  I casually looked at the samples and most of them were small; just the perfect size to sew quickly…or so I thought!  So I said yes, and then she gave me mine…much to  my surprise, my sample was a “queen” size quilt top!  What was I thinking!

Once home, I laid the fabric out and noticed there were all types of patterns and colors mixed together, but no tone on tone fabric to break up those patterns.  Hmm, that’s a lot of different patterns….not my cup of tea….but, since this was the fabric I was given, I started cutting.   

09192015 239

One by one the blocks and the rows were sewn together and I was ready for the outside border.  Again to my dismay, there was not sufficient border fabric.  On top of that, the fabric’ was directional with designs scattered throughout, making it next to impossible to match the seams.  09192015 247 - Copy

I  needed two 72” strips for the side borders and only had 65” length of fabric.  Ugh…now what to do…  So back to the shop I went and you’ll never guess what I found out… all border fabric had been used in kits and was cut according to the requirements shown on the pattern.  Unfortunately…no-one thought about the fabric being directional.   So right then and there  I knew any change I made would need to be easy so those individuals who purchased the kits could replicate the change.      

After several considerations I settled on the only fix I thought would complete the quilt without distracting from the border fabric.

                20150823_172441_resized shop qlt

I added purple corner stones with smaller purple center stones in each border.  Wha-la…..much to my surprise, the borders looked better than I anticipated.  However, the jury is still out on the remaining quilt fabrics.


(Sorry for the picture quality, but due to the size of the quilt, it was hard finding a place big enough to hang it up.)


8 thoughts on “Making A Shop Sample…

  1. Melanie McNeil

    It’s a decent design, but the fabrics aren’t my favorites, either. You did a great job with the fix!

    Hope you’re feeling better these days. My migraines are typically 4-day affairs, but not with pain the whole time, thank goodness!

  2. Thread crazy Post author

    Thanks for the compliment and I agree, the design is ok, but all I see is one fabric! Oh well, I’ll quilt it and then give it away. I’ve had migraines for years but nothing like this last one. Usually mine are 3-4 days and pain is about a 6-7. This time pain was well above a 10. It took an IV with 3 meds to get rid of it.

  3. TextileRanger

    You are an amazing customer/friend! If there is a next time, you should at least get to pick the pattern you are interested in doing!
    The corner stones and center stones were a great save.

  4. Thread crazy Post author

    Lesson learned…..One of my big concerns was I did not get to pick the fabric from the line as I feel my choices would have blended somewhat better. I did go back to pick another fabric with the idea I’d pay for my choice(s) and that’s when I learned they’d already made kits! Thanks for your vote on the corner stones!

  5. Thread crazy Post author

    Thanks…yes, the fabric line consisted of many pieces. Several other pieces that were not used, in my mind would have made better choices. Oh well, it will be a gift or large donation quilt!


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