Granddaughters and pillow cases…

After careful planning, the time for the granddaughter’s visit finally arrived.  Both Papa and I were looking forward to spending some quality time with the girls and the girls, well, they were looking forward to a vacation from Mom & Dad!  If you have grandchildren, you know exactly what I mean.  We no more than got a mile or so down the road after leaving Mom and the questions started.  The younger of the two, Addie, age 7, wanted to know what we were going to do for the next week and when and where!  Thankfully we had plenty of answers.   We went shopping for school clothes, played basketball, and swam a couple of times in the creek, which is spring fed and the water is clear and COLD like a mountain stream!  Considering the temperature during the day was 100+, that cold water sure felt good.

Since both of the girls wanted to sew,  I knew it had to be something easy and quick…..a pillowcase….yep that was exactly what we’d do.   For fabric, I let the girls  shop in “Granny’s Quilt Closet” and was so glad I did!!  What fun to watch them going through the fabrics.   Brianna, the 11-year old,  had been looking forward to sewing, so she made her pillowcase first.   She had a little problem keeping the fabric going straight as it went under the needle, but finally she got the hang of it.    I thought she did real good for a 11 year old that hadn’t sewn before.  Here’s the finished product…both her and I were very proud of her accomplishment.


Now when it was time for Addie to sew, she decided she’d rather play a game with Papa!  So Brianna and Granny did it for her….she was so pleased with the results.


When we weren’t sewing, swimming or playing basketball, we were drawing “chalk art”.



Then just like that, it was time for all the fun to end.  With the start of school fast  approaching,  it was time to get those last few fun excursions done with Mom and Dad.  Both Papa and I enjoyed their visit but I must say we were ready for a long summer nap! 


6 thoughts on “Granddaughters and pillow cases…

  1. TextileRanger

    I still have trouble getting the fabric to stay straight under the needle too! Did some ripping out today where my seam allowance wandered…Brianna is in good company.


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