As promised…Placemats

Several weeks ago, our quilting bee made some placemats as a wedding gift for our favorite waitress at a local cafe.  Having no idea of her “colors”, etc., we choose a light center fabric, along with a couple coordinating border fabrics,  resulting in a fresh-springy table mat!

2015-04-21_12-20-02_283 (1)   2015-04-21_12-20-02_283 (2)


Next came the pattern, which proved to be an easy selection…real easy!  Take a 14” square, fold in half on the diagonal…(see below) 

2015-04-20_09-39-14_972 (2)               



Then fold in half again…


And…fold in half one more time.



Next lay a tape measure alongside the edge with a single fold (see below) and it should measure 7”.




Now take the tape measure and lay along outside edge with multiple folds…mark 7” with a pin…



Using a straightedge, lay it from the straight pin back down to the first corner….



Now take your rotary cutter and cut off excess…making sure to cut off “raw” edges – not “folded” edges.



Now taking one edge, unfold the fabric and you should have a octagon…



Finally you’re ready to border the top..the first inner border can be any size you want, but I prefer a 1-1/2” cut WOF (width of fabric).   Lay right sides together and sew, using 1/4” seam allowance.  Trim off excess strip, cutting it even with next cut edge.  Sew strips to every other side.  After sewing on four strips, open seam and press toward border strips.  Next attach the remaining four strips to remaining four sides of the octagon.  Trim excess and press.

For outside border, repeat same steps as noted above.   Again, a 2-1/2” cut WOF is recommended.  After pressing , your top should resemble this:

2015-05-24_20-28-13_99 (2)

To finish table mat, use the pillowcase method.  Select a piece of backing fabric, slightly larger than top and place right sides together; then place a piece of batting, again slightly larger than top on bottom side of backing. Your stack should be in this order…table mat top, WRONG SIDE facing up, then backing, RIGHT SIDES together and finally batting.  Pin layers and stitch outside edges together, leaving one edge open for turning.   Turn and press, stitching open end closed.  Topstitch 1/4-1/2” from edge of outside border.  Your finished table mat should resemble this:

2015-06102015 014


These table mats are so quick and simple to make, I hope you’ll try making one or more….till next time – happy sewing. 


2 thoughts on “As promised…Placemats

  1. Thread crazy Post author

    We are hoping she loved them…once married she relocated with her hubby to the valley. I know I like mine as they are perfect size; next ones though I’m quilting the center square as I’m not fond of how they “poof” up in middle once washed. You live and learn!!


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