Empty Nesters…

The saga of the mother wren who built her nest under a slide of our motorhome has ended.  All five babies fledged and left us.   

On July 7, I snuck out early thinking I’d get one more picture of the babies…well I did!  At first, I thought there were only four babies left in the nest!  But if you’ll look right behind the one on the left, you’ll see a small sliver of white!  That’s the fifth baby hiding from me. 



After telling hubby the good news, I went back out thinking I’d catch a couple still in the nest – no, they were all gone.  So I started looking and quickly found three of them hunkered down under my wheelbarrow behind the motorhome…



Momma and babies hung around for a couple of days, entertaining us with their chirping…they spent their first couple of nights hunkered down in the large pine tree next to the driveway….  and then they were gone.

Now before you say, ”where’s your first trip going to be”?, don’t!  We now are babysitting our grand-dog; a 6-month old black lab!  While Mom, Dad and granddaughters are relaxing in Mexico, we’re entertaining Bella!  Yep, I do believe we’ve lost our ever loving minds!!!  She’s a sweet girl but oh so active.  Eight more days….till next time…..


7 thoughts on “Empty Nesters…

  1. pattisj

    Sweet little wrens! One summer, a pair of young wrens spent their nights tucked into the corners of our awning. They were so tiny! What a blessing you are to keep the granddog. Boarding can be so expensive.

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Each day/evening I’d go out and check the babies and Momma Wren was always around. I’d always talk with her letting her know I was there to help. Yes they were so tiny, about 2-3″ long; cute little babies. Our granddog Bella is keeping us busy – but we are so glad to be able to help the kids. Once we get her home, then we get our two youngest granddaughters for a week. Life is great!

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Ha – lol…once we take Bella home, we’ll try to take a quick trip to lake, as the following week, we get our two youngest granddaughters for a week!!! Maybe after that we can plan a long trip!


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