Maternity Time…

Springtime always brings all sorts of new growth to our small piece of paradise and this year has been no different.  We’ve seen an abundance of baby rat snakes, rabbits, birds, frogs, etc.    The rabbits especially have always claimed the area under my hubby’s workshop as their home, along with an occasional rat snake.  While I’m not a fan of snakes, I’ve come to appreciate the rat snake as they love to eat mice, rats, and other snakes, especially rattlesnakes.  Keeping that in mind, one momma must have had more than one brood of babies this spring under the shop, and we’ve found over 20 dead babies, all about 12” long, in the back yard.  It wasn’t until yesterday while picking another dead one up, that I realized our mockingbird friends may be the guilty culprits as this snake, along with the others, had a hole in their tail about an inch from the end.  Just the right place a bird would think to grab a snake, or so I think.

Enough about snakes….let me tell you about our maternity ward!  In late March or early April, while working in the garden, I noticed some twigs sticking out of the bottom of the plastic owl I have in the garden.   Looking closer I noticed the nest was empty…I should have taken it down right then but decided I’d leave it.

2015-06102015 006


Skip forward to early June.  While working in the garden I kept hearing this chirping sound.  Upon investigating further, there were 3 little heads moving about in the bottom of this owl.  Immediately I became concerned as temps were warming up considerably and the owl body being plastic, was rather warm.  The next morning I went out to check on the babies, and much to my surprise, the nest was empty.  A bit later I heard a mother bird just scolding me big time.  After looking around a bit, I found the 3 babies on the other side of the motorhome – they apparently had left the nest early that morning.!

Great news I thought – little did I know what lie ahead of me.  While walking past the motorhome I noticed something sticking out from under one of the slides….yep, another bird nest!  So I paused and looked in…one little white speckled egg.  Hmm… big thing……wrong! 

2015-06102015 002

2015-06102015 012


For the next 4 days, momma Wren would lay another egg until she had a total of five eggs (as of June 6, 2015).

2015-06102015 004


Then the wait began…when would the eggs hatch…every day I’d check and momma would be still be sitting on the nest.  Finally on June 24th we got our first look at the babies…

New 07012015 001

Then June 27th…

New 07012015 005


New 07012015 006


Then this is today’s picture (July 1st)…

New 07012015 017

Cute little things aren’t they!  Look at all those feathers……maybe, just maybe, in another week these five little babies will fly the coop and then….we can use our motorhome! 
So that’s about all the exciting news from our place….happy weekend.


6 thoughts on “Maternity Time…

  1. Melanie McNeil

    Every year we having wrens nesting in a bird house attached to our deck. It’s always amazing how such a small bird can make so much noise! Thanks for the photos — that was fun.

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Yepper I put the owl out specifically to keep the larger birds away from garden area. One never knows which avenue mother nature will take. Birds are an interesting sort – love to watch these babies grow….then, YES, we will get rig on road!

  2. TextileRanger

    We had a wren build her nest in the smoker section of our barbeque this year! My husband found the nest with 4 eggs, after he had grilled! So we thought the eggs wouldn’t hatch. They did, and all four lived and fledged!

  3. Thread crazy Post author

    Wow, that’s something that the eggs hatched! I would have thought the same. I check on our each day and I feel they will fledge within 7-10 more days as those babies are getting big!


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