It’s Been Way Too Long…

Wow, has it really been two months since my last post?  Guess time got away from me and other “things” got in the way.  No worries, as during my “off” time I’ve been busy, oh yea!  So let me do a quick recap; first, in late April, my blog decided to go haywire for whatever reason, so that required a re-do.  I’m still stumbling through the re-do but it’s better than it was….what a mess. 

Next came gardening time – well at least I tried between showers.  During the month of May, Central Texas recorded it’s wettest month in many years; our lakes finally got filled and our aquifers were recharged. 

New 05242015 019

(No, this isn’t our house but rather the game house on golf course by the creek).  Yes, there’s a road under all that water…

Even the poor spiders had a difficult time trapping their dinner in the rain…

New 05242015 003

My quilting buddies and I made a set of eight placemats for a shower gift, which is how we all got started making placemats.  This southwest pattern was perfect for my neighbors new home in New Mexico (below) so I made them a set of four.



While it continued to rain, I selected this fun fabric for our breakfast table:

2015-06102015 014

These placemats were oh so quick and easy to make…I’ll share the “how to” in a future blog. 

Finally, once the rain stopped, the weeds, birds and deer came!  Did I tell you the weeds came…ugh…I pulled, dug, sprayed and finally got the front flower beds cleaned out.  Considering the deer made mincemeat of my shrubs in the front, I found it necessary to dig them up, all 12 of them.  I know the neighbors thought I was crazy but it had to be done.  Between the chiropractor, tylenol, and hubby’s backrubs, I survived.  Maybe – just maybe I’ll tackle the westside flowerbeds…next week!  Till next time….




6 thoughts on “It’s Been Way Too Long…

  1. TextileRanger

    All that rain just threw off my regular schedule too. It was fun to have days to just sit inside and read or sew, but the rain just added so much work – lots of laundry for all our soaked clothes, mopping the floor whenever the dogs came in extra muddy, and so so many weeds! Half of our place is a hay pasture – I went out and pulled all the rattlebox by hand, but there are so many cockleburs in it, I wonder if the hay guy will even want to harvest it! What an odd year.

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Oh my gosh, yes the WEEDS are horrible this year. So thankful for rain but not the weeds. Unfortunately our home has flower beds on all sides…(wasn’t my idea as they were already there when we moved in). Normally not too much work but not this year. I had to have 6-7′ shrubs cut down as I couldn’t even trim – too large! Garden is now covered in weeds, so thinking of just plowing it up as no other way to handle. I fully understand the laundry issue as each time I go out my clothes are just soaked from humidity. Oh well, we could be still in drought and no grasses! Thankful and tired…..

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      We were so thankful for the rain due to the drought but not ready for 100 temps which are on the horizion! Oh well, it’ll be great to get to stay inside and sew .

  2. treadlemusic

    So glad to see you survived your monsoon time!!! Love the placemats (especially that fabric you chose for yours!!!!). Time does have a way of slipping by us! The storms roll through here but nothing like South and East of us, so the summer activities are in full swing. Weekends in the RV at the river are a very nice quiet diversion for us. Any camper time for you yet?????

  3. Thread crazy Post author

    All lakes in our area are closed due to flooding. Not sure if they’ll be open by 7/4 or not. For us we are eaiting as a small wren d3cided to build her nest in cavity of motorhome ehere slide goes back in. Go figure! So we are waiting! Glad you are able to get out and enjoy yours.


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