It’s Iris time ….

As a child, springtime was always a favorite of mine, as Mom’s tulips, daffodils and crocus’  would be popping their heads out of the ground.  What a beautiful sight it was to see all those gorgeous spring colors blended together.  Mom was always so proud of her spring flowers; the flowerbeds were just overflowing each spring with color.  I remember one specific time when the daffodils were in full bloom and we had a freak late snowstorm dropping a foot of heavy wet snow.  Mother hollered at us to help and ran outside to start cutting all the daffodil bloom stems.  We had vases filled to the brim with blooms throughout the house for days!  Much to our surprise, when we got up the next morning the snow was gone; those few blooms that were left behind in the flowerbeds, were just fine. 

Now here in Texas,  daffodils bloom but tulips will not come back and bloom year after year as they do up north, unless……you dig them up each fall and place the bulbs in the refrigerator.  Oh, we’ve tried several times and while the green leaves emerge, they simply will not re-bloom as our winter temperatures simply are not cold enough.  So, as I got older, that’s when I discovered Iris’; now they are my favorite spring flower.  In fact, I have a few that are re-bloomers, as they will bloom again in the fall!

So without further adieu, I give you my Texas Iris!  This was my first bloom…a single white bloom…

0315 019 

This next one has become one of my favorites – it’s one of my re-bloomers…






new 04262015 018



BTW…I’ve designed a pattern for an appliqued “Iris” wall hanging…but until it becomes a reality, these photos will just have to do.


And then there’s my red Easter Lilies…they were absolutely beautiful this year…




Now just in case you haven’t seen our state wildflower, please let me introduce the Texas Bluebonnet…

new 04262015 010

new 04262015 009


The Lord blessed us with some spring showers that helped these beautiful flowers blossom this year.  In fact, about 2-3 weeks ago, NBC nightly news featured our beautiful bluebonnets on a news segment.   Of course their pictures were just out of this world….That’s about it from the garden section this time.  Till next time……


5 thoughts on “It’s Iris time ….

  1. Minnesota Prairie Roots

    Your flowers are simply stunning in their beauty. Iris are my mom’s favorite flower, so this post reminds me of her.

    I have never heard of a red lily. It’s gorgeous. And, oh, those bluebonnets…

    I had no idea that tulips would have to be dug each year in Texas. Mine are just beginning to bloom. Iris blooming is a long ways off as the plants are emerging and growing.

  2. Thread crazy Post author

    Yes, tulips down our way are best bought in the store! Just not cold enough for them. I feel so honored that your Mom’s favorite flower was “iris” also; such a beautiful yet delicate flower…

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Thanks – I still have a couple of colors that haven’t bloomed yet; just wish their bloom time was a bit longer. Our bluebonnets have been so beautiful this year. I was disappointed to see them go.


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