A New Home…

Several months ago, I started what I call a crazy quilt.  To many a “crazy quilt” is a patchwork quilt of pieces of cloth of various shapes, colors, and sizes, sewn together in an irregular pattern, but for me I defined it as a disorderly mixture!!  Overall though, it turned out ok and I’m happy with it.! 

This all started when my cousin asked me to make a quilt for her dear artist friend, one whom she’s known since college days and has helped her immensely.  When I agreed, my schedule was full and told her it would be awhile.  Turns out, that was an understatement!  My earlier post My Crazy Side shows the first attempt, which turned out nice but way too large!  So this post Quilting on Black shows the second quilt and my struggles of quilting on black for the first time  Ugh!!!. 

Now this is the finished product…and it’s been received and welcomed into a new home!



One day soon I’ll need to make a decision on whether or not to quilt the first “crazy” quilt….till next time…stay busy and enjoy each day.


4 thoughts on “A New Home…

  1. Thread crazy Post author

    Thanks for your vote of confidence Melanie; if I can find another LED light I may go ahead and try to quilt it! Working on another gift quilt which I hope to finish soon and then who knows…I may start the black quilt!

  2. Minnesota Prairie Roots

    Wow, this is beautiful and not at all like the crazy quilts my grandma stitched. I can see you put a lot of thought into this design. I think Grandma just grabbed scraps of fabric and started sewing them together.


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