Quilting on black…

Is so much harder than I thought!  I’d always heard from my fellow quilters that quilting on black was hard and tiresome.  Now I’m a true believer…I’ve ripped more out on this quilt than I believe ever before.  Partly because I kept getting lost while quilting center part on quilt.  Also using Aurifil thread, which is a finer thread and harder to see.

 0315 027

0315 028

As you can see in the pic above I do have plenty of light….. but yet it seems like I still need more!!  Working on the flying geese now…lots more to do.

0315 018

The above quilt is the second quilt of my “crazy quilt” designs.  Maybe you remember my first one pictured below, which will be going to my long arm quilting friend. It’s larger than this picture as I added another solid “black border” around the entire quilt, (not included in this picture). 

022014 064

Finally, “Libby” is one of my sweet helpers…she’s loves to curl up by my machine, whether I’m piecing or quilting.  She’s really a momma’s girl!

0315 012

That’s all for now…from a COLD and ICY Texas……stay warm my friends…


5 thoughts on “Quilting on black…

  1. treadlemusic

    LOVE both those quilts!!!! My auxiliary lighting is on a “goose-neck” and I find that (when I’m stitching on black especially) if I bring the light down to create shadows the previous stitching shows up in the revealed texture tons better than when the lighting is more overhead. At those times I wish I could shut off the light on the SS!!!!!!!!

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Now see I don’t have the lights on my DS as you do. My lights were on the handles that I removed. I have thought of getting the “LED strip lighting” off amazon but just haven’t done it. When ripping I had to get my ripper with magnifier!

      1. treadlemusic

        I use several other lights. I have the basic/first Ott light….but that gets in the way when I’m quilting. I have a long neck clamp-style high intensity light that is clamped to the back edge of the table and that is awesome. That’s the one that I aim low and across the surface of the quilt when it’s difficult to see.

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