There is Hope…

Today the Texas skies are filled with fog and a light steady rain is falling.  Another artic COLD front bringing more sleet/rain is bearing down on us, making this a perfect day for quilting.  The following segment was written a few weeks back while hubby was recuperating and somehow I forgot to post.  Today seems like the perfect day to share…..

“Recently during one of my quick outings to the store, I had an encounter; an encounter that yet today is all so fresh in the forefront of my mind.

Looking down at my list, I hurriedly pushed my cart through the store and before I knew it, I was at the end of a row.  It was then a young lady came walking quickly around the corner, almost bumping into my cart.  She spoke briefly, apologizing for the near mishap, as I did the same, and off we went our separate ways.  Yet, in that brief moment of contact, I saw it – the look of despair in her eyes.  While she displayed a brief smile, which I’m sure was brought about by our near collision, in that brief second the smile was gone and the look of loss and despair was ever so evident.

Quickly I resumed my shopping, brushing aside the brief encounter.  Yet, as I went through the store I found myself looking once again for this young lady, hoping that I might see her again.  In that brief moment, I had also noticed her appearance; her wrinkled clothing and how disheveled she appeared.  I thought to myself possibly if I saw her again I could help her.  Try as I might I never laid eyes on her again.  It was at this same time my mind quickly raced back to the early days of my childhood, times where our family was in need and near despair.  My my father was out of work and yes there were times we didn’t have food nor clothes for me to wear to school.  Yet through God’s grace, the love and help of church, friends and family, we made it through.

Driving home I kept replaying the incidence in my mind.   Deep down inside, I wished I’d handled that differently; wishing I taken the time to go after her and tell her “Miss, there is hope”.   A hope that can turn even the worst of days into better days and bring about positive results.  Just that one word of encouragement may have made a difference.  How do I know all this you ask?   For me, God is our “hope” and our refuge in times of trouble, always there when we need him.  So as you go thru your day, take time to smile at those you pass along the way, just your smile or a spoken kind word can make a difference in a person’s life.” 

Until next time, stay warm my friends….happy quilting!  


3 thoughts on “There is Hope…

  1. treadlemusic

    Thank you, dear friend, for a very precious share. “Hope” seems to be just beyond so many people’s grasp these days and when a tragedy strikes the realization that the things they had built their hope upon have never had substance but rather was like the morning vapor that disappears with the rising sun. We must build upon the Rock for all else is shifting sand. Many hugs (which I wish I could deliver in person!). Headed back down on the 14th and am so looking forward to it!!!!! Uber hugs…..

  2. Thread crazy Post author

    Oh Doreen thanks so much for such a beautiful comment. My thoughts and prayers are that young lady found some help. Mother Nature is having a fit tonight and the COLD winds are a blowing. We have ice, sleet and snow on the way, so we are holding on tight and bedding down for a long winter’s night! Know it’s colder your way so stay warm and hugs back to you…


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