It’s big news ….

When snow comes to Central Texas!  Yesterday, our area received a big surprise…SNOW!  Central Texas usually receives a few flurries each winter, but for the last 2-3 years, nothing!  Then much to our surprise yesterday morning, the heavens blessed us with the white stuff!  Now I know my “northern Minnesota and Iowa” friends are wishing the white stuff would disappear from their area, but for us Texans, this was a big day.  In fact, today’s newspaper had “snow” pictures of all kinds. 

So without further delay, I’ll share a couple of my snow pictures…



In the photo above, my windmill was toppled on Sunday when we had winds of 40mph plus! 



Then within an hour or two, our beautiful snow was all gone…



So now we wait..forecast for this weekend says our chances of seeing more of the white stuff is 40-50%!  Who knows, we just might get lucky again…


6 thoughts on “It’s big news ….

  1. pattisj

    That’s exactly how I like my snow, here for just a little while–then GONE. 😉 I have 5″ and would be more than happy to send you some of it. Some winters we don’t see it, either. I guess I’m spoiled.

  2. Thread crazy Post author

    We are due for more today and tomorrow have a chance of mix – sleet and snow. I’ll take the snow but not ice! Usually we don’t see snow that often but I always like to see it for a day or two. This is a bit unusual for us, but weather in January was off some too. Maybe that groundhog was right after all!

  3. Thread crazy Post author

    We’re having some weird weather too Audrey. Lots of bad weather but when the storms get here, they fizzle out. Earlier this week it as 49 on the back porch. Cool for us this time of year. Hope your weather warms soon.


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