Groundhog day TEXAS style!!!!

As far back as I can remember, we always looked to Punxsutawney Phil on February 1st, to predict winter’s length.  In Texas, we do it differently; wile we don’t rely on a rodent to predict winter’s end, we do rely on our own Bee Cave Bob.  “Bob”, is an armadillo; yes, that’s right, he’s an armadillo who predicts Texas weather.



Every Groundhog Day a crowd will gather at West Pole in Bee Cave and watch as Bee Cave Bob exits his burrow at the end of a concrete slab painted like a highway.  Just so happens he predicted an “early spring” in Texas!  To watch a video of this momentous occasion, go to, click on latest videos.

Now who wouldn’t rather believe the weather predication of a cute and cuddly animal such as our Bee Cave Bob, …or….



Believe a groundhog who will “bite” your ear!



Either way, it appears the prediction for Texas is to have an early spring…YEA!  For me, I’m going to mark my calendar and watch the skies, which today are cloudy and COLD!


6 thoughts on “Groundhog day TEXAS style!!!!

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      HA…me too as I had no idea Bee Cave Bob existed until I saw the article in Austin Statesman! From the looks of it, the armadillo that they use is a young one, as they can get pretty large and can be destructive! What a hoot – the north has their groundhog and we have our Armadillo!!

  1. treadlemusic

    Well, Gayle, at least there isn’t white stuff on the ground piling up to meet all the white stuff that’s falling!!!!! Ugh! Schools are starting to close early (slippery roads!) and the forecast of 5″ is probably going to be the case!!! And, oh yes, it’s 13F!!!!! Sigh…….I just hope that mid-March is quiet weather from here to Harlingen!!!!!!! LOL!

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Oh so sorry as I know how cold that can be. I do hope you don’t get the 5″…but if you do, it should keep temps a wee bit warmer! lol. By mid-March weather should be much better, especially down our way. Sometimes March is cold and rainy, but who knows what this year it’ll be like. Right now we have more rain headed our way. Just wish we’d get rain instead of a piddly .3-.5 tenths of an inch. We need rain! Stay in and keep warm.!

  2. TextileRanger

    I am embarrassed to say that I did not know about this fine tradition either! I did see a couple of armadillos being very active at the end of January, but in the Del Rio area. I will have to pay attention and see if that does correlate to an early spring!

  3. Thread crazy Post author

    Don’t feel bad as I hadn’t heard of this either until this year and I’ve lived here over 50 years. I’m sure if you go to AS webpage and search groundhog day, you can read the whole story. Quite amazing I think for Texas. That’s interesting that you saw the armadillos out and active, but then again in the Del Rio area temperatures are warmer.


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