It’s Been Fun…

Whew, here it is the end of January; where did the month go??  These past few weeks have been hectic, yet I’ve still managed to squeeze in a little time to work in my sewing room,.  While it hasn’t been much I will admit, I did get to do some quilting, clean up my room and catch up on some of my favorite “bloggers”.   Just in case you missed my one and only blog of this month, hubby tripped the light fantastic, so to speak, and broke is left hand in two places.  Next week we go back for more x-rays and maybe, just maybe, the removal of the cast.  Needless to say I’ve been busy just trying to keep up with “life”!!

Earlier this month and much to my surprise, I had a visit from Doreen Auger, better known as “Treadlemusic”, and her husband Tom.   If you haven’t visited her blog, hop on over here; she will amaze you with her beautiful quilting and artistic ideas.  While on their way to south Texas, they made a stop by our little town and what a great visit we had over some breakfast.  Doreen and I have been emailing for years (discussing our “Sweet 16’s) and it was such a treat to finally meet.  Then of course we made a trip to our local quilt store,  A Sewing Basket.  Here’s Doreen and Tom outside the shop…don’t they look relaxed and happy.

new 012415 090 

Doreen brought her “Cardinal” quilt with her and yes, it was just as beautiful as the pictures, even more so.

new 012415 091

Thanks Doreen and Tom for taking time to stop by on your way south, as it was so good to see and meet you both. 

Next, it was time for me to get back to the quilt machine.;  I’ve been quilting a top for one of my dear quilting friends as she will start chemo shortly and all of us gals wanted her to have a quilt to take with her.  I was in such a hurry to get the quilt back to the group so the binding could be put on, I forgot to get a picture of the front!  Just one of those things I suppose, but I did get a couple of the backside…

new 012415 100      new 012415 098


Finally, on a brief visit to the shop, I grabbed some mixed red/white and pink charm squares to make a quick table topper.   Deb had them priced to go at $.15/each; what a bargain but then did I really need another project!  Ha, we shall see if I can squeeze some time in!

valentines 2015

Let’s hope next month brings all of us some better weather and a lot of time to sew!!  Till then … keep your eye on the needle and your foot to the pedal.


7 thoughts on “It’s Been Fun…

  1. treadlemusic

    Gayle……It was so awesome to spend time with you and visit the lovely shop you so graciously patronize!!!! (LOL!!!!) Great post and worthy of a reblog! Hugs……………………

  2. Beth Ann

    Isn’t Doreen awesome???Love her and love her energy! She just amazes me and since she finished a few quilts from my husband’s grandma for me she will always be present in my home! Glad you got to meet here and what a lovely post!

  3. Thread crazy

    Yes Doreen is a gem…loved our time togethet. Since we both have an HQ Sweetie, I was so appreciative of hrr hints that she passed along. Looking forward to traveling her way one day soon. When you mske it to Texas we too shall have to meet up.

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      I felt the same way Audrey, sitting there chatting felt just as comfortable as talking with a dear close friend, even more so. I so enjoyed their visit…only wished they could have stayed longer. Since they will now be coming back to Texas, I do hope to see them again sometime soon.


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