A Slow Start for 2015

Here it is…. 2015 and time to once again make a list of the projects we hope to complete this new year. Wait a minute….maybe that’s just me still trying to make my list as from the posts I’ve been reading, most of you are well on your way with new projects.  Yep, guess I’m the slow poke this year.  Oh well, I do have my reasons…read on…

During the holiday break, we were so fortunate to have one of our granddaughters come and spend a few days with us.  She sure kept us busy and we enjoyed every minute of it.  Then just as I finished putting up all the holiday decorations,  hubby “tripped the light fantastic” in our driveway on new years eve day, skinned himself up and broke his left hand in two places.   He now has a full arm cast and that pretty much has changed my game plan for the next few weeks.  Guess you could say, I’m his new right hand gal, err, I mean left hand!

Somehow, I’ve managed to squeeze in some “me time” and have a few projects in the works.  Still have some quilts to quilt, plus I now have a third to quilt.  One of my dear quilting buddies found out she had breast cancer in December and had a mastectomy just days before Christmas.  So our quilting group put a top together for her and that’s now at the top of my “to quilt” list.  Hopefully pics to follow soon…real soon! 

So that’s what been going on here; I haven’t fallen in a crack somewhere or left the country, although that’s an idea.  Considering this COLD miserable weather we’ve been having, going somewhere warmer would be nice!  Till next time, you know the drill….keep your eye on the needle and your foot on the pedal.  Happy Quilting!


4 thoughts on “A Slow Start for 2015

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Aww…yes, but no more than others I’m sure. Life just takes some unexpected twists and turns but we learn to deal with them and go on. Trying desperately to get motivated and inspired this morning. Another dark and gloomy day here; that makes five days I a row and no sun. Ugh!

  1. treadlemusic

    Your days have definitely been LIFE in all it’s peculiar glory. Isn’t it interesting how in one ever so brief moment even simple plans can fly away. I’m sorry to ‘hear’ of the mishap and hope that the healing is well underway. Get that sun out and we’ll see you in a few days!!!!!


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