Our Granddaughter’s Wedding Quilt

With the wedding date fast approaching, our daughter-in-laws and myself decided to give the oldest granddaughter a wedding shower.  Since I’d been working on her wedding quilt way in advance, I felt good about having it done in time for the shower.  In an earlier post here, I showed what the blocks were going to look like. 

Now, here’s the finished quilt. 

092014 070

What an amazing quilting job my quilter did….If you look at the light mellow yellow fabric surrounding the pictures, you’ll see a variety of  different quilt motifs that were used. 

Some had hearts, figure “8’s”, etc.  I do apologize for the picture, but due to it’s size (102×109”), it was difficult to get a complete picture.

092014 071


Here’s our granddaughter and her hubby to be…

Nat & Jerry 92014


For the label I used one of her pictures and added a scripture…

Nats quilt label


Now here’s my granddaughter opening the quilt for the first time….priceless!

Nat & quilt


Natalie & Jerry (her hubby to be!)

Nat, Jerry & quilt1


Here’s Natalie, Jerry, Papa Jerry and myself (yes, I’m the “shortie”!)

Nat, Jerry, Jerry & me

And here’s a pic of all us gals (plus Natalie’s Mom, Annette, and her sister-in-law, Taylor) that worked to get the shower together. At this point, all of us were breathing a sigh of relief that everything had gone “relatively” smoothly!

(Left: Lisa, Annette, Natalie, Amanda, yours truly, and Taylor).

Us gals 92014


Here’s one last item – you see these small little paper flowers placed as toppers on the mini cupcakes and then in the mason jar? These are cut from tissue paper, using a 2” strip of tissue paper, then folded and cut into small 2”x2” pieces, folded twice again until tissue is approximately 1” in size. Then you cut out a leaf pattern being ever so careful not to cut through the fold. It takes about 5-6 individual layers of petals to make one flower. I found the pattern on Pinterest.

092014 104             092014 103


Guess that’s about it for the wedding shower, so now off to finish my post on the wedding.  Have a great weekend.


4 thoughts on “Our Granddaughter’s Wedding Quilt

  1. Melanie McNeil

    Oh, my — she is adorable! Look how thrilled she is. This is a moment you’ll have forever. And the quilt is fabulous. I know it was hard for you to start over, but it is SO great now. Really wonderful job.

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Yes, I thought the same too Melanie, as I’ll never forget the look on her face. I keep looking at the old blocks wondering what in the word I’ll do with them. Maybe use them to make a pet pillow for her or a donation quilt (without photos of course)!

  2. Thread crazy Post author

    Don’t think Pillow cases will work unless I “line” them as overall block size is just 8-1/2″. Could make decorative pillows, but that’s a lot of pillows. Hmm…maybe I’ll do another post on that and see what other readers think. Thanks Melanie for your idea and let’s keep the thinking cap on.


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