Another “Ocker” weekend…

It was time again for our quarterly Ocker Retreat this past weekend and what a great time we had. Food was fantastic as usual and we had a great group of ladies attending the retreat. Seems to me there were more “scrapbookers” and “crafters” than usual, which was good, plus we had several younger gals who were there making wreathes with fabric strips. Pretty cool I must say. Then we had several children who had accompanied their Mom or Grandmother. What a joy it was to see the younger ones joining in on the crafts.

The temperatures outside were a tepid 100 degrees…..but we were cool and comfy inside and the soft hum of our machines could be heard above all the laughter and chatter. I could bore you with additional comments and details, but instead I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

These first two quilts were “mystery quilts” that our quilt guild did a couple of years ago; both of the tops were completed this weekend. This one was made by Lanelle Lesikar;
07122014 135

This one was made by Sharon Marek; same block but just placed differently.
07122014 137

I believe Sharon or Lanelle also made this one;
07122014 136

This cute “twister” pattern was done by Kathy Young;
07122014 142

This next creation was done by Mona Smalley – she saw a similar wall hanging in a quilt shop while she was on vacation, so she went home and created it! Isn’t she clever…
07122014 151

Meredith Heintzelman was making herself a Christmas quilt using these blocks;
07122014 15007122014 149

Rosemary Simms made this next one….
07122014 138

Rosemary’s quilting buddy made this “Take Five” quilt top…
07122014 153

Hmmm…seems like quite a few were making “Christmas” items!

Here’s a batik beauty…wow the colors were so vivid…..(sorry but creator’s name unknown)
07122014 139

Now this quilt was being hand quilted by several ladies and when completed, will be sent to the “New Day Orphanage/School” in Africa…
07122014 145

Here’s a picture of three (3) of many ladies that took part in preparing our meals this weekend…did I say how yummy the meals were…..!! Here they were making “brisket” for sandwiches!!!!
07122014 147

And last but not least…I made great progress on my granddaughter’s quilt…yea, the top is done!! Here’s a sneak peak of it before it goes to the quilter later this week. Again, what a difference from the first one…and the colors came together so beautifully. The size is approx. 100×90″ so hubby could only hold about half of it up!


Finally, here’s a cute quote to remember….You haven’t had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine while it is still running! Till next time….


2 thoughts on “Another “Ocker” weekend…

  1. treadlemusic

    Oh my goodness!!! What a line-up!!!! I spotted way too many faves!!!!! I never cease to be amazed at the diversity in this art!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing with us!!!!!! Hugs…………

  2. Thread crazy Post author

    I too stand in awe at the various styles and designs, and I always hear myself saying, I want to make that! Yikes..will we live that long to make them all!! Sleep well my friend and enjoy those “cool” temps will they last…


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