A Tough Decision

To a sewer or quilter, starting over is usually not an acceptable option; we rack our brains and try to think of every possible solution to “fix or salvage” a project. However, sometimes there comes a time when you just have to say “enough is enough” and start over.

This past week I had to make that tough decision and scrap my granddaughter’s wedding quilt which  I had started.  All the fabric had been purchased and those priceless pictures that would be used in the “memory” quilt had been selected.  I should have recognized the signs as right off I had problems.  After printing the pictures on fabric sheets, they turned out too big for the blocks. Yes, I ran test sheets, but still for some strange reason un-be-known to me, they were too large. So I tossed them (luckily I laid them aside), purchased more sheets of photo fabric (which by the way is not cheap) and re-ran the photos to the correct size.

After sewing the first block together, I decided I needed separation between the pictures and fabric, so I added a 1/2″ flap of complementary fabric around the picture.  Much to my dismay, I still wasn’t real happy with it but hubby and friends said, yes they look ok, so onward I went. I should have trusted my gut at this point, but I continued on and made 20 picture blocks! To help break up the blocks, 10 blocks with solid fabric centers (no pictures) were inserted….still something just didn’t look right.

Here’s one of the solid blocks…

Now add a picture in place of the solid center block and this is what you’ll get..(so sorry for picture quality on this one)…

Ok …. what do you see and better yet, what do you not see? When you start laying the blocks out together, the first thing I see…the fabrics are competing not only with the picture but with one another.  This is especially true in blocks where the black fabric with hats sits next to the beige fabric with chaps, etc.  Next…one of the fabrics sticks out like a sore thumb (the yellow stars or possibly the red), and then most importantly, “where’s the picture”??? Now mind you this is a “memory” quilt of their courtship so pictures are vital in this quilt.

Talk about pulling your hair out….yikes, I was beside myself. In my mind all I could see was this beautiful memory quilt I had completed last year…and now this….what was I thinking. Last year I had made one for her brother and posted pictures here. Immediately I knew what I had to do…I had no other option but to start over and make another quilt. Once the initial shock wore off, I shifted into high gear and went looking for new fabrics. Took me a couple of days but I finally found a good palette of colors to work with…..
2014-06-22_19-22-45_398 (1)

Then it hit me…”do I still have those pictures which I printed earlier – the ones that were too large”??? After frantically searching, I finally found them. Talk about luck! Now I’m off to the sewing room….this quilt has to be done by…oh well…it just has to be done soon…then off to my quilter friend so she can add her magic….stay tuned…definitely more to come.


8 thoughts on “A Tough Decision

  1. Melanie in IA

    frustrating! I think you’re right, though. I like all the original fabrics together, but they were a little strong as compared to the pix. The new colors are slightly more muted and with larger pictures, I bet they’ll work great. Maybe you can use what you had already for part of the back?

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      I like the original colors also and I’m usually pretty good at matching fabrics together; I’m thinking maybe the size of the pictures is what caused the main problem. As for the fabric, I’m thinking a donation quilt of some type. Sure don’t cherish taking the blocks apart but I’ll need to replace the pictures for solid blocks. First though I need to get this wedding quilt made. I’ll be sure and keep you posted.

  2. treadlemusic

    “Gut feelings”, I have learned, will not ever let you rest if you continue with the project. I’m sure the first start would have finished just fine but would never have been something YOU would have been happy gifting. Although the recipient(s) would not have been aware of alternatives, “gifts from the heart of an artist” most assuredly have 2 ‘parties’ involved: the creator/giver and the receiver/recipient. You will be most happy with the next combination, I am sure. Hugs…………………….

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Yes, I too have always followed my gut feelings and they have never let me down. This time I thought perhaps I was wrong and the quilt would turn out differently. Hard lesson learned again, but that’s in the past and now we go forward. So yes, you are right Doreen, as I know I will will be most happy with the next one. Thanks…and “hugs” back to you.

  3. pattisj

    I saw your name “Thread Crazy” on Beth Ann’s blog, so I had to come see what you’re up to. I’m glad you hit the “reset” button and now have a fresh start. I hope it comes together and gives you no more trouble.

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Thanks Patti – I’m so glad I started afresh on this wedding quilt as it has turned out more beautiful than I had anticipated. I’m hoping to post some pictures of it later this weekend. Only now I can look back and see possibly why I kept putting off starting on the quilt – it just didn’t flow together, which surprises me alot as usually color and fabric patterns/designs are usually my strong suite. Guess it was my “off” day! lol. An expensive way to determine an off day no less. Thanks for your comments and welcome to my blog.

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