Quilts for “New Day Orphanage”

For awhile now I’ve talked about how the sewing bee that I belong to, “The Basket Cases”, had decided last year to make quilts for an orphanage in Zambia, Africa, called “New Day”. I am proud to say they are finished, all 8 of them; quilts for four boys and four girls. As you can see for yourself, each and every one of them are beautiful…but first, let me give you a bit of history.

It all began about two years ago when our group learned of a quarterly quilt/craft retreat held by one of the local churches. The retreats are sponsored by different departments of the church (i.e. Adult Sunday School Class, Youth Group, etc.). Registration fees are used to fund youth camps, supplement curriculum costs, etc., plus…they provide each participant three meals over the 2-day period. The food is all home cooked meals and simply out of this world. Try concentrating on sewing as these glorious smells waffle across the room, your mouth begins to water and your tummy begins to growl!

OK, back to the rest of the story…during the April 2013 retreat, we learned about New Day Orphanage in Zambia, Africa, that is sponsored by the church. New Day Orphanage was conceived to give Zambian orphans hope by providing them a home where they can feel loved, receive adequate care, learn about Jesus from a young age, receive a quality education, and learn the good things of their culture.

Later in July I learned the orphanage was building a new dorm in 2014 to house both boys and girls. So I thought ok, maybe I could make a quilt for one of the rooms. One thing led to another and when I mentioned it to the other gals, we decided right then and there…that would be our project for the year. Since not all the beds would be filled right at first, we decided we’d make quilts for four boys and four girls.

Without further delay, let me present our quilts…

These first four are for the girls; here’s Mona Smalley’s quilt…
big nikon 062014 243

This next one was done by Kathy Young…
big nikon 062014 257

Linda Hamlet made this one (she wasn’t available for picture taking)…
big nikon 062014 272

This last one was made by yours truly….
big nikon 062014 252

Now on to the boy’s quilts…

Lynn McIver made this one…
big nikon 062014 248

Kay Beaird made this one…
big nikon 062014 249

This one was made by Ruth Gerig ….
big nikon 062014 246

And…Meredith Heintzelman made this one…
big nikon 062014 274

Since the photographer (me) failed to get the full quilt, here’s another pic…
big nikon 062014 275

Each one of these beautiful quilts received a special label made by another member of our bee…Dorthy Stidham…she does beautiful machine embroidery.
big nikon 062014 276

Here are some of the labels she made….
big nikon 062014 263

big nikon 062014 268

big nikon 062014 260

big nikon 062014 262

Another important member of our sewing bee is Marilyn Vale; she provided advice on color coordinating, binding, making pillow cases, etc.
big nikon 062014 255

While I may be a wee bit prejudice, these quilts are beautiful. Wouldn’t you just love to see the faces of the children when they first walk into their room and know this quilt was made just for them….I know I would.


4 thoughts on “Quilts for “New Day Orphanage”

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      You are so right Melanie; God has blessed each one of us with gifts that we might share them with others. I feel so privileged to have been afforded the opportunity to share with these children. New Day Orphanage is doing a tremendous job in Zambia, as many of these children come in from the streets or from distant relatives that cannot take care of them.

  1. treadlemusic

    I couldn’t begin to pick a fave!!!! The colors are just calling to those children to be cuddled and loved!!!!! I’m sure a hug is stitched within each one!!!!!

  2. Thread crazy Post author

    Many hugs were stitched into each quilt, along with many prayers that our loving God would bless each child with a permanent loving home. Thanks for stopping by….looks like we have chances of rain here today and for next few days. Yea!!!


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