A quilting we shall go…A quilting we shall go…

Whew….finally finished the borders on my “wild’ quilt and now it’s time to sandwich the layers together before I start quilting. Now some of you may be thinking…”I thought she finished that a week or so ago”….well, I did, but then after looking at it I decided to add a 3” black border all the way around the quilt. I’m glad I did as it brought the quilt top all together. Pictures to come real soon…promise!

So now before the quilting can begin, I need to pin the quilt layers together. For me, the curved quilting pins, along with my trusty Kwik Klip, are all I need. The “Kwik Klip”…makes the job soooo much easier on your fingers and makes pinning the quilt a wee bit quicker! Or at least I think so.

There are many different options to choose from in securing the quilt layers together (i.e. pinmoors, spray adhesive, pins, basting gun, etc). Years ago I bought one of those “Quilters Basting Gun” – it was ok…but I just couldn’t get the quilt layers tight enough together. I’ve thought about the Pinmoors, but for whatever reason haven’t purchased any of them yet, plus all of my quilting friends use the curved safety pins. A few have tried the basting spray and mainly like it for small projects.

Any of the these methods will work, just depends on your preference. Drop me a note and tell me which method you use. In the meantime, I’m off to the quilt machine! YEA….I’ve so been waiting for this!

P.S. By the way, the garden is coming along; why just last week I planted snow peas, spinach, and lettuce. Tomorrow I hope to get a row or two of lettuce in and also some red potatoes! Come April, (and we hope by then no more freezing temps) corn and squash will go in. Till next time……


4 thoughts on “A quilting we shall go…A quilting we shall go…

  1. treadlemusic

    Basting pins and the Kwik Klip for me, too!! The spray….well, let’s just say, I’m not a fan of the possibility of breathing the stuff in and having it coat my lungs in any way. I do have a full can on a shelf that I’ve used for very small projects a couple of times. I made sure the ventilation was very good and still (w/o a mask) I felt that I inhaled some. The pins have worked extremely well for huge quilts as well as small projects. Looking forward to photos of this latest finish!!!! Hugs…………………

    1. Thread crazy

      I agree on the spray. Some ladies swear by it but I think I’ll stick w pins. I’ve heard that the spray can cause a buildup on needle…just want we don’t need. My lil sweetie runs real good n I don’t want to give her a headache!!

      1. treadlemusic

        I haven’t found the build-up to be problematic (may it would on a very large quilt) but I figure if it builds up on the needle then there’s something there that will build up/coat my lungs too, if breathed in!!!! Ugh!!!!

  2. Thread crazy Post author

    Couldn’t agree with you more as we never know what’s in that spray and what it can do to us. Good luck o your quilt challenge – looking forward to seeing it!


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