My Purple Phase in Life….

Have you reached your “purple” phase in life yet?? Maybe purple is your favorite color. For me, “blue” was always my favorite. I can remember even as a child I loved blue. Those family photos at Easter time of my brother and I standing, showed us holding our Easter baskets, I in my light blue dress and white hat, and my brother in his suit. You remember those times….ahh childhood memories.

Skip forward a few years and I find my color favorites are still about the same; however…..somewhere along the way I added “red” and of all things….”lime green” to my favorite list. Now, I feel as though “purple” is trying to creep in. Not a bad thing mind you, but I’d always heard it as “the purple phase of life”. You know, the red hat ladies!! They love purple too!

From working at the quilt shop, when a fabric line came in more than one color way and “purple” was one of those choices, it never failed to be the one which sold out the quickest. I wonder why?? Do you find yourself graviting to a particular color as you choose your fabrics? Is it purple??

While cleaning a bit in my studio, I could see a bag of fabric laying on the floor, resting against a cabinet. Taking a closer look, I noticed it was various pieces of purple fabric and one of my favorite pieces of fabric was in that bag….a beautiful iris floral piece! I could almost hear it say “sew me next”…”sew me next”!!

Here’s a sample of the fabrics included….
032014 iris

Aren’t these fabrics just what we need to help us think spring??? Just love the iris fabric, one of my favorite flowers…yes, I think I definitely need to think about starting this quilt!!


7 thoughts on “My Purple Phase in Life….

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Oh mine too and I just stare at this iris fabric and love it…I’m going to do a simple large block pattern as I want to utilize the iris fabric in large pieces.

  1. Melanie in IA

    A lot of purple for me lately, too! There are some colors that work as great neutrals. Double pink can be one, some purples can, some greens. So even if it wouldn’t be my first choice as a “favorite,” it can be a first choice simply because it WORKS.

    Yes, go ahead and enjoy the irises. It will be a while before we see real ones. 🙂

    1. gayle ledyard

      It will be a while too on my iris’. I checked on them last week and nothing yet. I do have “late” bloomers as they don’t usually don’t show their faces till April/May, plus these cold snaps will set them back a bit.

      I agree on neutral colors….green can usually work well and yes some pinks can too. It’s a little trickier with pink though. Sometimes that hidden color in a quilt can be used as the neutral in background or otherwise and make that quilt top pop. I so enjoy playing with colors…I always try the “not so obvious” colors … never know what’s going to work best in a quilt until you lay your colors out.

      Come on spring…since we will be turning those clocks ahead again this weekend….spring should come sooner too!!!

      1. Melanie in IA

        This is the truth: “never know what’s going to work best in a quilt until you lay your colors out.”

        And then I bring ever-patient Jim downstairs and make him help me choose. 🙂

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