Will I ever get this quilt done????

Do you ever start a project and then after several frustrating hours ask yourself “what was I thinking”? That’s just what I thought last night as I struggled with this “crazy wild” quilt. Usually I can study and readily figure my way through a problem….but this quilt has been a challenge. Maybe it’s because I’m making it up as I go….just maybe!

After sewing for 3+ hours last night, I discovered that I had made a couple of errors. Not only did I make some “mathematical” errors, I also reversed placement of some strategic border elements. Oh my gosh…how many times do I have to rip this poor quilt apart?? Believe me when I say I’ve never ripped as much on a quilt as I have with this one. So I thought, ok, no problem, just remake the side borders – there’s still plenty of material – or so I thought….oops…out of black material. That’s when I decided to call it a night and start again this morning; good plan but my mind kept working and working and working……finally somewhere after midnight, I dozed off to sleep.

As soon as I woke up this morning, my mind started at it again…ugh..will this ever stop! Since it seemed I couldn’t concentrate on anything else, I thought I’d share my problem with “hubby” and see if he agreed with my ideas. He’s always been my sounding board and has a good set of eyes too (sometimes too good!). So I showed him the quilt top and one look said it all – I knew in an instant that I had to do more ripping! Ugh…but before I did anything I needed to find more black material. After checking with a couple of quilt buddies, thought I had found some….oops, not same black! Finally late this afternoon and after several phone calls, I lucked out and found more black fabric at another quilt shop I frequent. So now back to the design board…maybe this time next year I’ll have this quilt finished!! Just maybe if I’m lucky!! Stay tuned……


2 thoughts on “Will I ever get this quilt done????

  1. Melanie in IA

    Oh my! That sounds like me! I had that baby quilt, a whole 45″ square, on the frame for almost TWO weeks! Seriously, if I were doing a basic edge to edge free motion, like a meander or loops and leaves, it would have taken me 2 hours. And I ripped and I ripped and I ripped… The first half I ripped about 1/3 of the stitches out. The second half went much more easily. Still… So the quilting is done, the binding is made. I’ll have it attached tomorrow, maybe. And the hand-stitching done this weekend, maybe. The top took far less time than either of these other parts. The TOP took less time than the BACK!!! Crazy.

    Guess I learned a bunch. Guess it’s all okay…

    Thanks for the post. No offense, it’s good to hear when others are struggling, too! Makes me feel not so alone. 🙂

  2. Thread crazy Post author

    Melanie – so glad to hear from you….I guess we all struggle from time to time, but seems like I’ve had more than my share of problems with this quilt. It too shall pass…..once I finish the piecing. Looking forward to starting on the quilting….and yes, I too learned something with this quilt, which will help on a future project. Looking forward to seeing pics of your completed project and thanks for stopping by…


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