And now we wait…

Do you ever have those days when you have your day all planned out and then…it all goes haywire! Yesterday, I had just one of those days!! While driving home from lunch, the hubby asked if I’d gotten a retirement card for our mail lady, Carol, who was retiring this week. Carol is one of those mail delivery persons, who in my opinion, always went above and beyond when delivering our mail. I for sure wanted to giver her a card, so I told hubby, “no, but I’ll get it on way home”. I then went on to say, “I also have something in mind to make for her when I get home, which will only take an hour or so”. After saying that, something clicked in my mind and immediately I wished I hadn’t put a timeframe on that last statement. “Ahh, it’ll be ok”, I told myself…..”it’ll be ok”!

Once home, I went to my sewing room and began picking out materials…my idea was to make a “mug rug”; easy and quick project. Had picked out just the right fabrics and oh, this was going to be pretty. After sewing for 30 minutes or so, my wonderful sewing machine developed a hiccup in the bobbin area. Being the handy person I think I am, I spent the next hour working on the bobbin and bobbin case” Just when I thought I had it fixed, I put the screws back in, got excited to sew, turn the machine on, and all you’d hear is a “grrr” and the machine wouldn’t sew! Ugh, here we go again….I did this four times, and finally, finally, got the problem cleared and back to sewing. Yea!!! By this time I look out my window to find the sun has started setting…ugh…3 hours into an hour long project! Oh how I wished I hadn’t made that statement!

So I began sewing again and just as I’m getting back into the groove, the thread breaks. Ok, no problem, just re-thread I say to myself. I thread it part way, push the button and all you hear is this beeping noise….now what. Error message on screen reads…”the thread appears not to be threaded correctly, please start again”. Ok, so I take thread out, start over….same response. How many times I tried to rethread the machine, I can’t remember. I changed the needle and even put a new spool of thread on the spindle. I was using some 50 wt. Aurifil thread (love to sew and quilt with this thread), but thought I’d try a heavier thread…still same response, would not thread. Ok, maybe there’s a problem behind this plastic cover…hmm..oh oh…I’m going to have to take out more screws! That’s when I decided I’d had it. By now it was dark and I still didn’t have my “one hour project” completed! I did what anyone would do…took my old standby machine out of the closet, set it up and finished the project.

Got up this morning, called the repair shop, took this wonderful self-threading machine in for repair….and now we wait. Oh why did I ever trade my straight stitch machine in for this self threading machine with how many stitches???


2 thoughts on “And now we wait…

  1. Doreen

    I so feel your pain and am so sorry for your situation! I do hope it’s something minor and you will have it back to you quickly (and cheaply!!). I, too, purchased a machine (not too many years ago….Bernina 440QE). The advertising of the stitch regulator, etc, ‘hooked’ me. I think I used it a couple of times ’til discovering that FMQ went better w/o that feature engaged!!!! Then I purchased a JukiTL2010Q, which is a fab straight stitch only industrial-for-home-use machine. Yup, the Bernina sets all cozy under it’s cover. Sigh………………….Again, I feel your pain…………..hugs……………

  2. Thread crazy Post author

    I have always wanted a Bernina, but just never happened. My machine that broke is a Babylock Ellegante II, and my good ole reliable one is a Pfaff 2140. I learned to FMQ on my Pfaff – love the way it quilts, just don’t like the small throat space. Cannot FMQ on the Babylock (even small projects) mainly sew things and piece with it!! So that’s when my HQ came on the scene. Love, love, love the way it quilts…nothing like it.. Guess I may have some decisions to make soon…Juki you say….


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