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It’s another cold day here in Texas, as it is in many parts of our country this winter. We did get snow pellets and ice (more ice than anything) overnight, and awoke to about 1/2″ of ice everywhere. So it’ll be a great day for staying inside and sewing – no errands to do today.

In my last post, I mentioned I was making a quilt for my artist friend. During my last month at the quilt shop, this beautiful panel came in and I kept starring at it, wondering what I could do with it. Then it came to me…for my friend Nanci; perfect for her. Don’t you just love the colors – so bright and beautiful!
quilt 1

As you can imagine, the options are limitless for what can be done with this panel. After pondering several ideas, I decided on adding “migrating” geese…
quilt 2

That looked ok, but maybe it could use more geese and some borders…
2014-01-28_09-56-24_572 (1)
Whoa – way too many borders; plus quilt is getting way too big for a lap quilt – some of the borders have got to go.

Before I started ripping, I decided to first try adding cornerstones, so I pinned a black block with a large flower applique in place (see bottom right hand corner). Yes, I think those cornerstones are just what the quilt needs…but some of these stripes have really got to go!!.
quilt 4

Since snapping the above picture, I decided to reworked the borders by reducing the size of the stripes. Deleting them entirely was too harsh, so I added just a couple stripes back and it looked ok. Just as I was getting ready to snap another picture, my “babies” came trotting in, letting me know it was time to stop sewing – time to feed them and the hungry hubby!! I do believe they have built in timers! So the remaining “additions” will have to wait till tomorrow!

I do hope you stop by and “sit” a spell again; between sewing and gardening there should be something interesting to read! Speaking of gardening, last week I was working in the garden, digging and moving some chive roots and turning the soil over a bit In Texas, this time of year is perfect (or has been in years past) for tilling and turning the gound and for setting out onions and other cold season plants. If we wait too long, spring can get pretty warm so we have to sneak it in while we can. Remind me to tell you next time how much fun it was to dig asparagus roots!


15 thoughts on “My Crazy side

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      When I first started quilting, I saw flying geese and fell in love with them…didn’t know what they were but loved them. Then after studying this panel, I just knew that’s what it needed. To me the migrating geese are just as easy to do…while there’s an extra step or two in their design, the “wow” factor that you get with them is awesome. So glad I used them as I do believe it’s made the quilt!.

      1. Thread crazy Post author

        Thanks Melanie, I did have to think on the colors for a bit. Actually I had fabrics for all colors, but again, auditioned the colors. I’m not quite finished adding color though…so stay tuned!

  1. Doreen

    I am totally in love with this one!!!!!!!! I really got excited with the first border idea and cornerstone but it would become quite large!!!! What panel is that????? It’s awesome!!! If it’s available that would be a “must have” for me!! CanNOT wait to see your final choice!!!!!

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Yes, I love this one also. I am totally about color so this one spoke my name! The panel is called “Midsummer Night’s Dream” from Alexis’ Winter Garden by Sue Patten for Frond Design Studios. I quickly looked at and it’s still available there. It is going to be hard to give this one away…but I know it will be going to a good home! Thanks Doreen for your sweet comments!

  2. Beth Ann

    Oh that is beautiful!!! I love the colors and the geese addition is perfect. You have quite a wonderful eye as to what is going to work and what makes the finished product perfect. Thanks for sharing the great pictures!

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Thanks Beth Ann – I just love putting colors together. That was my specialty at the shop…Now with this panel, there’s such an option with all the colors. I have a couple of ideas for my finishing touches, so we shall see how it turns out – soon!.

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      I do hope you’ll give quilting another try and I agree, try something small. My first project was small and not so overwhelming. May I also suggest that you check with a local quilt shop as they usually offer beginner quilting classes which will help you get started and learn the basics of quilting! Once you get hooked you’ll love it for life! Thanks for stopping by.

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