the countdown begins

It’s been a busy November and while I’ve tried to get this post out several times, for whatever reason it just didn’t get done! Now here we are, Thanksgiving Day…once Black Friday is over, the days will just fly by. Seems to be especially true since daylight savings time ended and now we are in the “dark zone”, or so I call it. Granted, once we get to December 22, which is the shortest day of the year, the days will begin to lengthen again, and so our minds will be full of those springtime thoughts; bright sunny days, flowers blooming. Whoa…must get back to the tasks at hand; start to make (or finish) those christmas presents that we’ve told ourselves we have “plenty of time” to make!

This past week I was out shopping with a frined and we were discussing projects that we had going and she said she was thinking of making more gifts for someone, and I said “Whoa…time is not on your side”. Then I started thinking of what I had to finish myself. So just in case you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed these days, here’s a few of the things I am working on:

Another table topper…which is partly done…
My quilt for our orphange project – pieces are cut out but I haven’t sewn a stitch yet…
A quilt for my cousin’s friend…again, pieces have been cut…..
My Granddaughter’s wedding quilt….yikes, less than a year away…..
Another Granddaughter’s T-shirt quilt….yep, I got 6 granddaughters…..

Then there’s my Texas Star quilt that I started earlier this year. Oh my, will I ever see it finished??
misc 0913 192

Last but not least, nine table toppers have made it to the finish line. One has already been shipped and two more are making their way to the departure gate! Maybe next post I have some pictures to post; if I stop now, this post may never get done!

Just in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not a daily blogger but rather an “intermittent” one; too many other duties calling my name, or screaming my name as it seems some days. I am happy though that I finally was able to create my blog, as otherwise I wouldn’t have met all you wonderful bloggers. For that we all have something to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!


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