A Drizzly and Grey Tuesday

It’s been a while since my last post; have started several posts a few times but haven’t been able to finish a thing – so here I’m sitting today, looking out the window and watching it drizzle. If you’ve been following my earlier posts, you’ll be glad to know we’ve received some much needed rain here in Texas. With our lakes running from just 30% to about 47% full, we’ve been in dire need of rain. Looks like our prayers have been getting through; last week we saw right at 5″ over a span of 3-4 days, while south of us saw around 9-12″. Luckily it appears these rains have also fallen over some of the watershed area. Happy happy happy we are to see rain! Oh the little things in life that pleases us!

In my previous post, we were getting ready to attend our grandson’s wedding – and what a beautiful wedding it was. I must say this wedding was one for the story books; one that many girls just lay awake at night and dream about. A “cinderella wedding”, yes that’s what it was. Looking back, I don’t think anyone would change a thing about the wedding, as it was simply beautiful.

The wedding venue itself was held at the bride’s parents estate; beautiful, beautiful home with flowers galore, hanging from baskets in trees as well as lining the property and filling the aire with their beautiful fragrances. Laterns also adorned the trees, adding much to the evening abience.
joey n taylor wedding12

This picture shows the front yard where the wedding took place.
joey n taylor wedding13

This is where the receiption was held – a large and beautifuly decorated white tent with lights strewn from corner to corner, while the tables were decorated with numerous sized lit candles and flowers – simply beautiful.
joey n taylor wedding35

Here’s the delicious wedding cake
joey n taylor wedding36

The bride and her entourage all wore cowboy boots for the receiption. The boots were a gift to all her bridesmaids.

For the most part, all the wedding events went off without a hitch; that is for except the rain! Saturday, was wedding day and weather forecast had indicated chance of rain – 30%, but probably wouldn’t rain till after late eveing. What did they know…just beause they went to meterologist school, what did they know?? Shortly before we were to leave the hotel for the wedding, it happened….we heard a pitter patter on our window…it decided to rain early – and rain it did for almost 30 minutes. Since the wedding was outside, my heart sank; then, just as quickly as it started, it stopped and the sky cleared. Many prayers of thanks were said I’m sure. A quick call to the daughter-in-law revealed rain had come and gone and chairs were being dried and readied for family and friends.

So off to the wedding we go! Everything was just beautiful, just as it should be for an outdoor wedding. The grounds were emaculate, all decorated with plants of all types, while more baskets of plants and laterns hung from the trees. After being seated for the wedding, the music was softly playing and as the bride and her father were walking down the isle, you could just see the sigh of relief across everyone’s face that the weather had cleared. Then it happened… it began to sprinkle again. Oh no, no, no rain! Yes, the sky opened up and it began to rain again. With no where to go, we just sat in our seats while the rain continued coming down. The minister then gently told our kids this was a great example of how life is; after planning the wedding for months, the worst happened – it rained, just as in life, things happens. When they do, they should learn to accept it and rely on one another and God, as God will never fail them. What a beautiful message he brought to our kids and all of us; all because it rained!

Now with the wedding behind us, it’s time to get back in the sewing room and back on those projects. Since I’ve had alittle down time, my mind began thinking about a new pattern to try – offset flying geese for borders. Till next time…..


3 thoughts on “A Drizzly and Grey Tuesday

  1. treadlemusic

    So beautiful!!! Looks like it truly was a storybook wedding!! It does take a while to get back to any type of “normal” routine, though. I/we are still working at that after our 2+ weeks out East. Finally got back to the machines today and it felt really good. Rainy and chilly here with the threat of a flurry mixed in….ugh! The wood heat is working well! Hugs…….


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