Back to the Table Toppers

Every year it seems i find a new design or pattern and end up making several for various individuals. This year is no different and I’ve decided to make several of these table toppers. So down at the shop us gals with the “Basket Cases” have been working on these for christmas gifts. Once you make one, you get hooked and have to make one for all your family and friends. They are quick and simple to make and most of all, look beautiful on your table. A photo can be seen in my earlier post Making Table Toppers. So far I have 9 cut out, sewed together, layered, stacked and ready for the final sew. I may just have one or two more to add to the heap so better get started.

Yesterday I decided before finishing the christmas toppers, I would make a fall table topper for myself. For some strange reason, it seems we quilters always end up giving quilts and other items we make, away without saving anything for ourselves. Or is that just me? No, I didn’t think so!. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy making things for others but if someone were to come into my home unannounced, I doubt they could tell I was a quilter. Is that a bad or good thing??? Oh, that could start another topic!

Ok, so back to the table toppers. Since they do not require a lot of fabric, you can easily make one from your stash. Plus these are a no brainer – easy on the mind to make!! Here’s a picture of my “fall” table topper. 10062013 0021006b 002 Looks like possibly I should have used a darker fabric in lieu of the light mellow yellow, but that’s ok, as it was just a “draft”!

One other comment on quilters and giving; while at a quilt retreat earlier this summer, I heard about a school/orphanage in Africa that would be building additional dorms this next year and would be in need of quilts for the beds. So after thinking about it, I made an inquiry and learned each dorm would house 8 girls and 8 boys; each dorm having two bedrooms with two sets of twin bunk beds. I first thought, “ok, I can make a quilt”. After checking with 3 other quilting buddies, they too volunteered to make a quilt. It doesn’t stop there – not only are we making quilts for four girls, but we have enough support to make quilts for four boys. There’s a total of 11 quilters who have said “Yes, I want to help”. Isn’t that amazing – what started out as just one quilt, has turned into outfitting two dorms for needy children. Quilters are truly an amazing giving group of people.

Weather update…just heard the forecast for tonight…46! Yikes, I bet hubby is going to ask for the electric blanket!

Till next time…keep your eye on the needle and your foot on the pedal…happy quilting!


2 thoughts on “Back to the Table Toppers

  1. Thread crazy Post author

    I’ve seen a couple of the quilts and they are beautiful; know the children will be delighted to have them. I hope to have some pictures to post here soon. I’m so blessed to have such wonderful friends to quilt with. Thanks for your comment and stay warm!


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