A fall breeze blew in…

For the past several days now the weathermen have been saying cooler weather was on it’s way. Yes, by the weathermap you could see the temperatures were changing. Even the talk between us “basket cases” this past Tuesday, was the arrival of the cooler temperatures. Strange isn’t it, those things that influences our creativity and motivates us! For us here in the south….cooler weather!

Then finally it happened; the front blew in last evening. Got up this morning to a cool 52! What a great feeling, opening that door and having a cool breeze blow across your face. Even the air conditioner was getting a reprieve. Now I’m sure our friends in Minnesota and the Dakota’s are digging out of snow this morning, where winter has come early. Oh, let’s hope this is not going to be a bad winter.

Here in the southern part of the country, October is usually the month where we can get outside again and actually enjoy the outdoors. It’s also time to start cleaning out flower beds and gardens, and grilling again. In some ways, you actually feel like living again, or at least that’s my feelings.

Having been born in the northern part of USA, Ohio, I spent the first 10 years of my life in a totally different hemisphere! Even as a child I do remember the change of the seasons; something we sometimes never get to experience here. This is especially prevelant in the spring, where most often one day we will go from spring weather, to hot summer temperatures. Many summers we have triple digit temperatures for 60-100 days. Yep, that’s when you run for the air conditioner.

Now you may ask, how in the world did you get down in Texas from Ohio? Well, that’s another story but its like this….my Dad worked at the steel mill many many years ago; got laid off and for several months couldn’t find work. Then we had a visiting preacher at our church and he said there was plenty of work in Texas. So off my Dad went, leaving my Mom, brother and I in Ohio, in search of work. Of course he found work in Texas, and that my friend, is the rest of that story!.

Some of my fondest memories are of going with my folks in the fall to get our pumpkins, pick apples and get a gallon or two of fresh apple cider. Oh, the taste of fresh apple cider! It’s one of those tastes you don’t forget. (While we do have fresh apples here in Texas, they are harvested mostly in June/July, not September/October). I can remember always going down the road to a neighbor’s farm to get our pumpkins. Even now in my memory I can just see it – the pumpkins would be piled up on the ground, every where you looked there were pumpkins! The tractor would be pulled up with the trailer from the field still attached, carrying another load of pumpkins. Lots and lots of pumpkins. Hmm…maybe that’s where my love of the fall season began! We do raise pumpkins here too but mainly in the panhandle area; by the way my pumpkin patch yielded a total of 4 pumpkins – better than last year of “0”. I’ll bake them next month for some fresh “pumpkin bread”…umm..good!

So in welcoming the fall season today, I think I’ll try to finish those table toppers…by the way, the count is up to 9 now! Yikes, maybe I need to start piecing another quilt!


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