The Wedding Quilt…

As promised in my last post, here’s the picture and story of my grandson’s wedding quilt.  It all began about this time last year when the owner of the quilt shop where I was working announced that she’d decided to close the shop.  She’d had the shop up for sale, but due to personal reasons she decided she had to go ahead and close.  So I began thinking, ok, what else do I need to plan and buy for (ok quilter’s, you know how we rationalize sometimes when it comes to buying fabric..sometimes).  That’s when it hit me – wedding quilts for the two oldest grandchildren.  Since I knew they both loved western and our store was known at the time for it’s western prints, I went to selecting fabrics.  Took them home, placed them in the drawer and thought ok, it would be a long long time before I needed to decide pattern, etc.

Well, to my astonishment, in February of this year my grandson popped the question and they selected October 2013 for their wedding month.  So after looking at fabric and patterns, I selected the pattern “Turning Twenty Again Around the Block”.   I wanted to utilize fat quarters of my grandson’s favorite fabric styles and colors and then add a common center block.   Good idea i thought, but to my surprise, the fabric I had chosen for the common center block just wasn’t pulling it all together as I had anticipated.  Ok, so back to square one – again. 

Then a light bulb went off and the band began to play!  Ha, I think I have a better idea…do a memory quilt utilizing pictures taken during their courtship for the center blocks; and that’s exactly what I did.  After searching through family photos and their facebook pages,  I decided on the best 20 pictures.  Final step was to select those to be printed vertical and horizontal; did just that and and printed them off.  Aww…this is going to be simple – or at least so I thought.

Ok, so one more hitch in the giddy-up; the center block in the pattern was to be 10-1/2″ and I printed the pictures off as a 6×4″ size!!  Now why did I do that I thought?  Well I didn’t want the pictures to overwhelm the rest of the quilt – it was that simple.  So now I had a delima – how to fill in the rest.  Decided to utilize a moda beige crackle as a “frame” for each picture.  I loved the texture the crackle added to the quilt and thought finally I’m on a roll.  For the most part I was; however, the frame for each picture had to be cut and adjusted so that you came out with a 10-1/2″ square block.   Would you like to know how many times I had to rip and re-cut the picture frames?  More than I care to relate.  Just one interruption from a loving husband or animal, would cause a person to want to pull their hair out as I’d get offtrack and then…..yep it’s ripping time again.

Finally, after sewing on the quilt for what seemed like forever, I got it all together;  added the borders and off to my quilter friend it went….that was middle of July!  Now, here less than two weeks before the wedding I finally get it back.  Yikes, need to get the binding on ……

 joey's quilt


joeys quilt1

Now would you like to know the rest of the story…..our grandson’s sister, our oldest granddaughter, has just announced her engagement with a wedding probably in mid-late 2014.  I can just imagine what type of quilt she’s going to want once she sees her brothers!!  Yikes, I’d better get started on her quilt now and I just may be bald before this is all said and done.

P.S. Thanks to my sewing buddies Kathy and Mona for helping with the picture taking today. We are all proud members of “The Basket Cases”.


5 thoughts on “The Wedding Quilt…

  1. Thread crazy Post author

    Thanks for your comments. I spent a lot of time on those blocks, trying to make sure each one was turned the proper way. I’m now working on a second wedding quilt with pictures for my granddaughter. This time I’m using a different pattern and not sure yet how it’s going to turn out. So time will tell.


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