Fresh from the garden …

Today I took a break from sewing to tend to the many joys of life, grocery shopping, cleaning and straightening up the sewing room! Late this afternoon I decided I’d better go out and check the garden and found I needed to pick the blackeye peas. While picking, I glaced up and to my surprise I found some new blooms …. have you ever seen this bloom? It’s a sweet potato bloom – just look at those colors how gently they fade from white into a light lilac and then deep purple…God is such a beautiful artist and always knnows just how to color the blooms.
sweet potato
Now how about this next one…..It’s an okra bloom with a mellow yellow color on the edges, turning into a deeper yellow and finally, red at the center. Such a simplistic bloom but yet such a georgeous color. Now look at that katydid snacking on lunch; I caught him in the act just a munching away. kadadid Can’t you just imagine these beautiful shades of colors together in a quilt?

Do you remember this guy from a previous post? Well, this is the last survivor of the “summer spider” gang. At one time there were nine of them (that I was able to find) in and around the garden. Now, just this one lonely spider left. So where did they all go? After briefly looking around, I found the answer. spider
cocoon Under seveal branches and along the fence rails, I found several of these cocoons. So thats where they all went; into hibernation..hmm..or did they lay eggs in these cocoons. I guess we’ll have to wait until next spring – one of the great mysteries of God’s creations.

On my way back to the house I couldn’t help but notice some of the final blooms of the season…an orange hibiscus and a double pink/coral bouganvilla. If you’ll look right under the pink/coral bloom tips, you see the tips of a bright hot pink bloom. This is how the pink/coral blooms start and then quickly fade in the the double color…amazing. hibiscus after

Arriving back on the patio I heard a russling behind me; turning, I found my sweet “Sassey” cat. She loves to tag along when I’m out and about in the garden, provided her big sisters aren’t there to disturb her! Our beloved schnauzer and doberman! Believe me she listens and minds better than both of them combined. Oh, we do love our babies don’t we – they all have a special place in our heart.

Before I forget, I picked up my grandson’s wedding quilt today from a quilter friend and she did a beautiful job. Had I thought about quilting it myself you ask? Yes, but considering the size and since this was a special quilt, I needed it to be perfect – and it turned out perfect. Pictures to come soon, I promise. Plus, more on the table toppers and pictures of the completed table toppers…oh and they are turning out so pretty.

Until next time, may we all be blessed with beautiful fall weather and take a little extra time each day to enjoy our families and all the colors of the passing season.


One thought on “Fresh from the garden …

  1. treadlemusic

    Autumn is definitely here (at least my calendar says so!). The days are still warm but by the end of this week I will be reminded that October brings Fall chill. Your flowers are so beautiful. Sadly, our gardens (flower and vegi) are disasters. This past Spring brought so much rain w/ chilly temps that rot was a problem. The farmers are struggling to bring in enough hay and the corn is very sad indeed. Then the drought hit. Though the days are most lovely they are becoming way too short….another reminder of what is to come. Our busy-ness will continue a bit longer here. An East Coast trip is in the immediate future for us. Probably a good thing that the gardens were quiet this year. Next year…………..hugs…….


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