Making table toppers

Still waiting on our first cool front and the promise of rain! Usually with the opening of “dove season” we get rain…not this year, or at least not yet! Here in Texas we are used to warm and dry summers but not without some rain showers, like it’s been for past two plus years. Many of our area lakes are now only 30-50% “full” and yes, these same lakes are our water sources. I know myself I’ve been watching and hoping that a tropical storm would come close enough, just so Texas could get some rain. So we continue to wait and maybe…just maybe, later this week the weathermen say some rain will come.

In the meantime, I’ve been sewing and staying “cool”, making petal table toppers. These toppers are usually a combination of three fabrics; they also can be made with four or more fabrics; it’s up to the “creator”. Ok, so I went through and selected several fabrics and so far I’ve pieced six toppers together, each having three different fabrics. While the pattern calls for a 1/4 yard for each color, I have “remnants” that I’m using, and some of these remnants are fat quarter size or smaller. So don’t throw away those remnants as you never know when they will come in handy!

Knowing I would make several of these toppers, I purchased some acrylic template material to trace the pattern onto and make a template. Then using double stick scotch tape on the back side, the template was held in place while I cut. Now for piecing the petal sections together; the topper is pieced in four sections. Keep your seam ripper handy as color placement of each petal is important – as shown in the pictures below. Yes, I had to use my trusty seam ripper a couple of times!

misc 0913 188

misc 0913 191

And finally here’s something I’ve been working on for awhile…a Texas Star. It’s a pattern I’ve wanted to do for several years now, so finally started cutting and piecing in January of this year. I still have borders to add and then I’ll be ready to quilt. I’m thinking of trying feathers….

misc 0913 192

Next time I hope to have a couple sewn together….until then, keep your foot on the pedal and the eye on the needle….happy quilting…


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