Fall Is In the Air…

Well, I can feel fall coming, ever so slowly each day, whether it be in the morning air as I’m sitting having coffee outside or watching an early sunset. Yes, fall is definitely coming and I’m not ready! Yikes…I’ve been auditioning fabric for some christmas gifts and trying desperately to get my projects started. Somehow I haven’t made it to the sewing machine yet as the yard and garden are still calling. Just today, I harvested two more beautiful cantaloupes, some tomatoes, squash and yes, okra. Guess I’ll have to pull that okra up and get some fall crops planted. Ok, on to those christmas projects!

Earlier this week I awoke earlier than usual and as hard as I tried, I just could not go back to sleep. Instead those christmas gift ideas were swirling around in my head! So I finally gave in, got up an started the coffee pot and headed to my sewing room to look at patterns and fabrics.

My first set of projects will be for family and I already know the fabrics I’ll use; some left over fabrics from a couple of years ago when I made christmas quilts for each of our four boys and their familes. Last year, I made a set of christmas pillows for each family, utilizing this same left-over fabrics from the year before. Since there’s still fabric left over, (oh, did I ever over estimate…), I am going to use these remaining fabrics to make each family a christmas table topper. Plus, now I know exactly which pattern I’ll use. It’s a 16 petal Fan Blade Table Topper; makes about a 27″ circle and turns out beautiful.

Pictured here is a sample of the fabrics I’ll be using. So off to the sewing machine I go…until next time, remember keep your eye on the needle and your foot on the pedal…happy quilting. table topper


4 thoughts on “Fall Is In the Air…

  1. Melanie in IA

    I’m not sure why your photo doesn’t show up for me once I open your post. I can see it in the preview in Reader. ??

    Sounds like you have your plans all lined up for projects. Hope you have fun!

  2. TextileRanger

    The same thing happens for me!
    It’s such a good idea to make multiple projects from the same fabrics – they will all go together and add so much to the holiday decorations. I would not have thought of that!

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Yes i agree its fun to be able to use all your fabrics but there can be some drawbacks too.  I once purchased fabric and so far i’ve made 4 quilts with the fabric and still have some left over for another quilt. 

      I believe i have the picture problem solved…still learning.  Thanks for your comments.


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