And Here We Go!

For years now I have wanted to start my own blog and just kept putting it off.  So I finally decided today is the day…time to get with it.

It’s been busy here at our home in Texas for the past few months, with both gardening and yard work and spending time with grandchildren.  Finding time to quilt these days seems like looking for a needle in a haystack! Once I do get an opportunity to work in my sewing studio, (usually in the morning) it never fails something comes up and I’ll get called away.  Before you know it….well, you know the rest of that story. Then on those “rare” days when I do, I so enjoy working with fabric and threads!

I’ve been quilting for several years now and I guess I would classify myself as an beginner/intermediate piecer/quilter.   Originally I started “hand” quilting while I was working, but after retiring, I soon discovered that I enjoyed quilting on my domestic sewing machine (DSM) much better.  So after struggling to quilt with my DSM for a few years, I started looking at mid-arm quilting machines, especially the sit-down models. Considering the layout in my sewing studio with storage cabinets and all, I figured the sit-down was a better choice for me. After looking at a few, I discovered the Handi-Quilter Sixteen (HQ-16) sitdown model; plus, my then boss at the quilt shop, up’d and purchased one for herself!  Of course I had to have one too.  After searching the internet for a few months, I finally found a “gently used” model with a price that would fit my budget and quickly purchased her. I Love it, love it, love it! If you’ve not seen one, look here…

Now there are several great mid-arm machines out there; TinLizzie, APQS, Nolting and Baby Lock’s Tiara, just to name a few. If you’ve considered purchasing a quilt machine and not sure whether a long-arm or mid-arm is what you want, there are several articles out there also on the internet to help you make that decision. Here’s one of many….

Since purchasing my HQ-16, I’ve made several quilts in the past couple of years, all of which I’ve happily given away to family and friends.  My quilting is still a work in progress; I initially said I was an intermediate quilter – well, let’s just say I’m getting there!  Ask anyone that quilts and they’ll tell you the same story; practice, practice, and just when you think you’ve practiced enough, practice more! However, each time I quilt I can tell I’m getting a little bit better.

Currently I have 5 quilts in the works; a large king size quilt for our grandson’s wedding, a Texas Star (a quilting buddy is making one along with me), a jellyroll quilt, donation quilt, and finally my own design quilt, which is for a dear friend. The quilt for my grandson has gone to a friend to quilt as she has a special design I wanted quilted on it to commemorate the special occasion. Both the jellyroll and donation quilts are ready to quilt, once I get them sandwiched with batting and backings. My Texas star quilt needs outside borders and it’ll be ready to quilt, and finally my “own” design quilt simply needs to get started.

Since I’m new to this blogging, I hope to have some pictures posted of these quilts real soon. Till next time…keep your eye on the needle and your foot on the pedal….happy quilting.

"Betsy" here is an older model but her performance is outstanding.

“Betsy” here is an older model but her performance is outstanding.


10 thoughts on “And Here We Go!

  1. Linda Cart

    I have never gone to anybody’s blog, except for you. I am honored that my quilt made a page in your blog.

    1. Thread crazy Post author

      Thanks Melanie; blogging is a learning curve right now but so looking forward to talking and learning more from others on their quilting. You have some beautiful quilts.

      1. Melanie in IA

        Thank you! 😀

        And yes, blogging is a learning curve. WordPress has some great tools, but they aren’t always intuitive. I’m no expert, new here this year myself. But if you have questions, you can ask. If I don’t know, we can learn together.

      2. Thread crazy Post author

        Thanks. I’m usually pretty computer savy, or at least I thought I was. After working with them for 32+ years I should be! I’m having difficulties arranging the “blog page, so will take another look at it later this evening. Have alot on my plate to do today. Thanks Gayle


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